Do foreigners apply for a work visa when registering a company?

After registering a company, foreigners can apply for a work visa if they meet the conditions.

Foreigners applying for a work visa need to meet some basic conditions, including: being at least 18 years old, in good health, with no criminal record, having a confirmed employer within the country, possessing the necessary professional skills or corresponding knowledge level to engage in their work, and engaging in work that meets the needs of China’s economic and social development. They are urgently needed professionals in the country. At the same time, employers also need to meet certain conditions, such as being established in accordance with the law, having no record of serious violations of laws and trustworthiness, hiring foreigners for positions with special needs, temporarily lacking suitable candidates in China, and not violating relevant national regulations.

The specific application process includes: first, foreigners need to obtain the Foreigner Work Permit Notice, and then bring the notice and other necessary materials to the Chinese embassy or consulate abroad to apply for a Z-visa (work visa), F-visa (visit visa), or R-visa (talent visa). After entering the country, foreigners need to apply for the Foreigner Work Permit online by the employer within 15 days and obtain the certificate from the local Foreigner Work Management Department. Afterwards, within 30 days after entering the country, foreigners need to apply for work related residence permits at the entry and exit management agency of the public security organ where the employer is located.

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