Hong Kong Company Cancellation

What kind of risk if don’t cancel it ?

If the Hong Kong company has not been legally and effectively cancelled, then various departments of the Hong Kong government (such as the registry and tax bureau) still have the right to hold directors and shareholders legally responsible.

If the Hong Kong company does not cancel and does not care, after a period of time, the Hong Kong company is forced to cancel

the director of the company as the main responsible person will have the following consequences.


Become a broken person
May result in large fines
Restrict entry and exit
be accused
In severe cases, he will be sentenced to imprisonment and other penalties.

When you need to cancel the HK company

 If the company ceases to operate the company after the expiration of the business period,

the enterprise will be protected from bankruptcy

internally disbanded or dissolved

the company will be shut down for rectification

Definition of non-operation: no longer have any business going in and out, and no longer do the company ’s annual review work

Exception: If the company’s status is that there is no business for the time being, but it is still doing normal company annual review work, then the enterprise can also maintain a normal state without the need for cancellation.

What we may provide?


Advice on how to cancellate this enterprise, evaluate all cost including tax, fund and so on.

Application form for company deregistration


Shareholder agreements

Liquidation team for record filing

Liquidation reports


What do you need to provide?

Original business licenses (all)


Company chop


Directors signatures


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