Sino-foreign Joint Venture(JV) Establishment 

What is a Sino-Foreign Joint Venture?

A Sino-joint venture is a business entity with both Chinese and foreign nationalities company shares. It is created by two or more parties. generally characterized by shared ownership, shared returns and risks, and shared governance.

Features of a Sino-joint Venture


(1) The “Joint Venture Law”, “Company Law”, and “Regulations” are the legal basis for the establishment of a company.

(2) Jointly established by Chinese and foreign parties.

(3) The organizational form of a joint venture is Limited Liability Company.

(4) Joint management.

(5) Special regulations of the country to which production and operation activities belong. For example, you can purchase equipment and raw materials from the international market and directly export your own products.

 How to set up a Joint-Venture?

Required documents:

(1) Application files for establishing a joint venture.

(2) The feasibility study report prepared by the parties to the joint venture.

(3)Joint venture agreements, contracts and articles of association signed by authorized representatives of the parties to the joint venture.

(4) List of candidates for chairman, vice-chairman and director of the joint venture appointed by the parties to the joint venture.

(5) Other documents required by the examination and approval authority.

All application forms must be submitted in Chinese. However, some specific documents pertaining to the business may be written in a foreign language. Documents in both languages shall have equal validity.
Time request: 25 workdays(Guangzhou/Foshan/Shenzhen/Dongguan)


Chinese and foreign joint venture partners shall submit relevant documents to the examination and approval authority, it is then examined by the approval agency. The third step is the applicant goes through the registration formalities with the registration management agency.

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Case share


Joint ventures are a commonly used company structure in China: many of the most well-known companies, such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, and most recently the Chinese ride-sharing unicorn Didi Chucking have all adopted a joint venture (JV) company structure in China.



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