T-mall Management Service

About T-mall 

Hey, have you heard of Jack Ma? Have you heard of his T-mall? They are very popular around Chinese people!

T-mall is one of the most popular online shopping platforms in China, with nearly 500 million registered users and over 60 million regular visitors every day.

Meanwhile, the number of online products has exceeded 800 million every day, and 48,000 items are sold every minute on average.

If you are not on it you are losing 500 million potential customers.

By Working with GEI you will get access to a team who has 10 years of experience, over 100 clients, and has already helped our customers make LITERALLY millions of USD from the world’s largest B2C market!

Work with a company which has no hidden costs but will give you a clear picture of where “ every penny” goes to and how that penny will make you money. Work with Experience, work with GEI.

Our Services

Our T-mall Store Operation Service includes six aspects: By working with GEI you can expect a clear 6 step actionable service plan of how we will help your company increase your Chinese customer sales and build a brand name in the Middle Kingdom, known as China.

Opening A T-mall Store

Service A : Open up a T-mall store (Alipay account application, entry application, submission of materials, submission of review, follow-up procedures, and completion of shop opening) ;

You cannot think of a Chinese E-commerce store like Amazon, it is like comparing an Apple to Chocolate. Sure, they are both food but beyond the fact you can eat them but the process of how they are made are completely different. T-mall is no different, for the non-experienced navigator it’s a confusing and lengthy process.

 By working with GEI you will remove the headache of navigating through the multiple forms and roundabout way of making a successful E-commerce store in China.

Product images and Text Placement

Service B : Product images and Text Placement, (photoshop, pricing and new product promotion, inventory maintenance) 

When creating a T-mall store your product images and text placement need serious consideration. A T-mall store works like an independent E-commerce store. You will need to design, take photos and photoshop them according to your products.

 Each T-mall store is individually created and designed. To be successful on T-mall you need to work with a company who understands the local market, understands the latest Chinese buzzwords and how to edit your photos in accordance with local taste.

By working with GEI you can rest assured that your Chinese brand images will have a perfect blend of Chinese Western design required to succeed in China.

Product Design Page

Service C : Product Design Page  (home page and detailed page of the products and promotion events) ;

You would be forgiven for thinking of designing your pages similar to Amazon. I’m afraid for T-mall that is the perfect recipe for failure. T-mall has specific styles needed to be followed in order to succeed. These styles generally do not get used in the West and take some time to understand why the work for the local market.

By working with GEI you will have specialized T-mall Chinese designers who will create your web page UI for you that will match the local taste and create a greater Chinese demand for your products.

Store Operation

Service D : Store Operation (product selection, price setting, promotion types, registration of shopping festival activities, data analysis) ;

A lot of market data gathering from Chinese consumers requires you to either have a Chinese ID card or a registered business in mainland China. Not only that the way they operate is different to their Western equivalents.

By working with GEI you gain access to experienced market operators who are able to help you select the right products which will sell, work with you to create the best price vs demand. GEI will work with you in order to ensure your promotions suit the local market and help you understand and translate the market data in a way that you will easily be able to make informed decisions.

Promotional Events 

Service E : Promotional Events

 (phased activities like during the shopping festival, long-term activities like daily advertising operation, internal activities like store’s product promotion discounts and external activities like promotion on T-mall homepage).

Back in the West we all know Christmas, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Easter. Hey, I bet everyone reading this also knows that every January there is the “January sale” just after Christmas but what about in China? Is there a January Sale? You’ve probably heard of Singles day but do you know when the Flower Market is every year?

 If you do not know the Chinese equivalent to these festivals/advertising seasons you are missing out on some prime time to make more sales.

By working with GEI your store will work with you to help you follow the trends in Chinese shopping festivals, when to have different types of advertising and organize sales activities when you should be organizing them!  

Customer Service

Service F : Online Customer Service Inquires  (pre-sales service and after-sales services to create demands).

The online sales funnel in China works differently. That is a general fact that you will have to accept if you want Chinese business. You will need to have full time staff whose only job is to wait for people to enter your E-commerce store and be ready to answer all and any questions your Chinese customer has within seconds of the potential customer asking that or expect them to go to a different store to shop.

 Yes, it’s that competitive. Yes, every online store has this service. No, you cannot not have it and still succeed.

By working with GEI we will organize and manage this for you. Everything from Pre-sales, refunds, and after sale services will be managed in accordance with T-mall store policy, local laws and your own company policies to ensure the best buying experience for your customers.

Successful Case Studies

We’ve helped our customers make Millions!

At GEI we believe in actions speak louder than words. We have full confidence in our abilities, so much so here is some of our current T-mall clients stores which you can go and check out! We’ve even put their stats on show for you to see (With their permission of course).

Heynature,a cosmetics company from Korea 

Heynature has been cooperating with us since March 2018, and within a year, monthly sales reached the level of one million, which is well appreciated by the company.

Store profitability data

Babikins,a milk powder company original from Korea

Babikins infant milk powder has been working with us since January 2019. We helped them increase their monthly sales by 30% in three months and hit a record high in June by adjusting the main product line, operational strategy and so on.

Store profitability data

Compliments from our clients

Clients are very satisfied with our service. We can cultivate their own loyal customers and increase customer stickiness with certain plans and clear data, so that the brand can develop in the long run.

I want Chinese customers Today!

Contact us now to get our T-mall Store Operation Service! China’s E-commerce platforms are the biggest in the world, if you are not on them you are losing out on millions of potential customers. Increase your brand’s sales within 60 days with GEI. Contact us today and receive a free consultation of how exactly we are going to make you money! Open up your business right away! Open your E-com Channels with GEI.

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According to your needs to advise and assist you on how to do 


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With 8 years of experience, there is little we haven’t seen and can not help solve. Over 200 companies have already cooperated with us . Will you be the next?

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From:  Mr. Nico Lesmana, Indonesia

“If you want to set up any legal documents in China, you need to find a reliable partner. All those criteria found in GEI. They are very professional teams, and are quick to answer any questions for customers; also the general Nancy Wang is very lovely and sincere person. For GEI, I feel very safe because I know that they are in good hands for any legal document matters to me in China.”


From: Yun Shou fitness (Guangzhou) CO.LTD

Yun Shou fitness (Guangzhou) CO.LTD, which is the agent of Taiwan for pilates in Canada. Since May 2017, we have selected Guangzhou as base after making completely research on Pilates market in Guangdong.

In the beginning, we got the professional assistance from GEI (Global eastern investment), especially the general manager Nancy Wang, who carefully assisted us to finish it so that we can contribute our efforts to the country with legal landing in Guangzhou.

GEI (Global eastern investment) is a professional team, which is absolutely the best strategic partner for investors.


From:  Mr.Aaron  Thomas SEO

Nancy and her team took our team step by step with each process required to open a WFOE company in China. Not only that but she also helped introduce several potential customers to us. If you want something more than just an accountant but someone who will help develop your business Global Eastern Investment is your best choice.

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