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Down below you are able to calculate the following:

  1. Chinese VAT and Surcharges
  2. China Corporate tax
  3. China personal income tax and social insurance


Things to note before using this China Tax Calculator


Before you start pumping in your numbers there are a few things you need to consider before using our Calculator!

First things first, this calculator is an estimator only, and should be used for accurate estimations only! The particular tax numbers used in this calculator is based upon Guangzhou tax numbers.

For 100% accurate data, I’m sorry to say you are going to have to contact us, don’t worry! the first hour is a free consultation.

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The reason why you’ll need to contact us (or another Chinese accounting service) is for a lot of individual cities in China these numbers will vary, even in cities right next to each other. I.E. Foshan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan tax rates are all slightly different and change on a 6-month basis and we are not even talking about other provinces yet!

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The Personal China Tax tables below


Thankfully both China corporate tax and China VAT charges are fairly simple ordeals to estimate to work out your profit margins! Just put in your profit/total sales and voila! you have a good estimate on how much you’ll be giving to the Government.

Sadly Personal income tax is a little bit more complicated to help out you to understand more we have also provided 3 tables of additional information:


1. Personal social insurance


Personal social insurance has 3 sections to it. In total it is around 10.5% of the wage, give or take, with a minimum and maximum salary requirement. The personal part is paid by the employee’s wage, and the corporate part (twice or more) is directly paid by the employer.

We would recommend talking to your potential staff member and an accountant before hiring anyone to work out the exact cost, however, in the table, you will see how to break down your Chinese personal social insurance.


2. Personal accumulation fund


Your personal accumulation fund/housing fund is a voluntary additional cost. This will cost between 5-12% of your monthly salary with the added bonus of whatever you put in your employer will match it. aka you put in 500rmb, they will put in 500rmb.

Your Personal accumulation fund is not a guarantee, its an extra work benefit, some Employers offer, some don’t. If you are interested in this we once again suggest contacting a China tax accountant to work out the exact costs.


3. Personal tax table


The simplest table. It shows the Chinese tax you will have to pay based upon your income. This will vary from city to city, province to province however it is a good indicator of what you should be paying.




This tax calculator should only be used for research purposes only, for the most accurate data contact a professional advisor.

We can not guarantee 100% accurate data, and please note due to different tax regulations your monthly tax costs may differ month to month.

This calculator was last updated on 09/10/2020 with the latest tax rules.


  • Only applicable to small-scale taxpayers who exceed the threshold (quarterly cumulative sales> 300,000, annual cumulative sales> 1.2 million). If the threshold is not reached, the value-added tax and additional tax will be 0.

  • $ Start Calculation
  • VAT:(RMB)

  • Urban Construction Tax:(RMB)

  • Education Tax Fee:(RMB)

  • Additional Local Education Tax Fees:(RMB)

  • Total VAT and surcharges for the current season:(RMB)


  • “The qualifications for small low-profit enterprises are:
    ①The total assets of the enterprise are below 50 million yuan
    ②The number of employees are less than 300
    ③Taxable income (total profit) less than 3 million yuan
    Note: The three conditions must be met at the same time”

  • $ Start Calculation
  • Small or low profit Corporate income tax
    calculation result:(RMB)

  • Medium to Large profit corporate income tax
    calculation result:(RMB)


  • Annual Salary already paid up to the previous month. For example: if the staff member has been paid 3 months this year input 3 months of salary.

  • Personal pension insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, and provident fund

  • Annual deductible expenses for supporting the elderly, own vocational training, rent or mortgage interest, child education, and serious illness medical treatment

  • $ Start Calculation
  • Sub Total 1:(RMB)

  • Sub Total 2:(RMB)

  • Taxable Income:(RMB)


    Taxable income = cumulative wages and salaries-cumulative deductions-cumulative social insurance premiums-cumulative provident fund-cumulative individual tax special additional tax deduction

  • Applicable Tax Rate:(RMB)

  • Estimated deductions:(RMB)

  • Cumulative Tax Payable:(RMB)


    Cumulative tax payable = taxable income × applicable tax rate- Estimated deduction

  • Cumulative Tax Paid:(RMB)

  • Tax Actually Paid (After refund):(RMB)


Note: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you as soon as possible!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you as soon as possible!

Personal Social Insurance Calculator
Maximum payment base (yuan)Lower limit of payment base (yuan)
Basic pension insurance for employees2026838038% of personal income
Social medical insurance for employees3087661752% of personal income
Unemployment insurance3087621000.5% of personal income
Note: Guangzhou minimum wage standard will be adjusted to 2,100 yuan from July 1, 2018

Note: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you as soon as possible!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you as soon as possible!

Personal Accumulation Fund
Maximum payment base (yuan)Lower limit of payment base (yuan)
Deposit amount of provident fund30876 yuan
(3 times the average monthly salary of employees in urban non-private units in 2019)
2100元(minimum wage standard)Payment amount = monthly payment base wage × payment rate
The housing provident fund payment and deposit ratios of units and individuals are: 5%-12%
Individual voluntary deposit ratio:
No less than 10%, No more than 24%
1. The specific deposit ratio is chosen by the unit and individual.
2. Only one unit deposit ratio can be selected for the same unit, and the individual depositratio should be equal to or higher than the unit deposit ratio. The deposit ratio is an integer multiple of 1%.
3. The deposit base shall not be lower than the city’s current minimum wage standard of 2,100 yuan (adjusted in accordance with relevant regulations of Guangdong Province), and not higher than 3 times the city’s average monthly salary of non-private employees in urban non-private units in 2019, which is 30,876 yuan.
If the employee’s payment base is equal to the city’s current minimum wage standard, the unit shall pay for the employee’s housing provident fund in accordance with the regulations. With the employee’s consent, the personal payment may be exempted.

Note: If the annual salary is within 60,000 RMB it is exempt from personal income tax!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you as soon as possible!

Personal Income Tax Rate Table
Annual RateMonthly
Annual Taxable IncomeApplicable Tax RateEstimated DeductionMonthly Taxable IncomeApplicable Tax RateEstimated Deduction
Under 360003%0Under 30003%0
Over 96000045%181920Over 8000045%15160

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