How do foreigners apply for permanent residence permits

Foreigners applying for permanent residence permits in China need to meet certain conditions and go through a series of application processes.

The following are the general steps and conditions for applying for a permanent residence permit:

1. Application requirements: Foreigners need to meet certain conditions, such as having stable investment in China, holding senior positions, holding senior professional titles, making significant contributions to China, and having been married to Chinese citizens for at least five years.

2. Application materials: The applicant needs to prepare basic materials such as a valid passport, health certificate, and certificate of no criminal record, as well as other relevant proof materials required based on the application reasons, such as investment certificate, work permit certificate, marriage certificate, etc.

3. Acceptance institution: Applications are usually accepted by the public security organs of the people’s governments at the district level or the public security branches or county bureaus of the municipalities directly under the central government.

4. Application process: The applicant or their agent needs to submit the application and relevant materials to the accepting authority. The accepting authority will conduct an examination and complete the investigation and review work within the prescribed time, and the final decision of approval or disapproval will be made by the immigration bureau.

5. Approval fees: Applying for a permanent residence permit requires paying a certain amount of fees, including application fees and document fees.

6. Approval deadline: The public security organs shall make a decision within 6 months from the date of accepting the application.

7. Result delivery: After approval, the foreigner’s permanent residence identity card will be handed over to the applicant or their representative by the receiving authority, and the original valid visa or residence document will be cancelled.

The specific application conditions, required materials, and procedures may vary, subject to local policies.

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