Detailed Analysis of Application Materials for Foreigners to Work Permit in China

According to different cases, the application for a foreigner’s work permit in China can be divided into two ways: overseas application and domestic application. Regardless of which way to apply, although there are some differences in the process, but according to the actual situation of the case to add or subtract materials, the main application materials are basically the same. Let’s take a look at the detailed requirements of the application materials.
Application materials for work permit

Application form for foreigner’s work permit in China
Source: This table is automatically generated after the system fills in it online.
Requirements: After the system generates the application form, print it, sign it and affix the official seal of the employer or the official seal of the department authorized by the unit.

Work experience certificate
Source: Issued by the applicant’s original work unit.
Requirements: The applicant should be engaged in the position related to the current employment, including the position, working hours or projects done, and the applicant’s original work unit stamped with the official seal or signature of the person in charge, and there is a valid contact number or email to prove the contact person.

Highest degree (diploma) certificate or relevant approval documents, professional qualification certificate
Source: Issued by the institution from which the applicant obtained the highest degree (diploma).
Requirements: (1) If obtained abroad, it shall be certified by our diplomatic or consular missions abroad or by the diplomatic or consular missions of the country where the applicant obtained the degree (academic degree) or by our educational certification body; (2) Obtained in Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan region, should be certified by China’s academic qualification certification body or notarized by the local notary; (3) If obtained in China, only the original diploma (degree) certificate shall be provided; (4) If China’s laws and regulations stipulate that the industry competent authorities should pre-approve or have the corresponding occupational qualifications for access in China, the industry competent authorities should also provide approval documents or occupational qualification certificates.

Certificate of No Criminal Record
Source: Issued by the police, security, court and other departments of the applicant’s country of nationality or habitual residence.
Requirements: (1) need to be certified by our diplomatic or consular missions abroad or certified by foreign diplomatic or consular missions in China; (2) The certificate of no criminal record issued in the Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region and the Taiwan region shall be notarized by the notary office in the region where it is located; (3) Habitual residence refers to the country or region where the applicant last resided continuously for more than one year after leaving the country of nationality; (4) No criminal record is valid for 6 months.

certificate of physical examination
Source: Verification certificate of physical examination record or health examination certificate of overseas personnel issued by China Inspection and quarantine institution, or physical examination certificate issued by overseas health and medical institution approved by China Inspection and quarantine institution.
Requirements: The validity period of the physical examination certificate is 6 months.

Employment contract or employment certificate (including multinational company assignment letter)
Source: Issued by the employer.
Requirements: (1) The contract should be provided in Chinese, signed by the applicant and stamped with the official seal of the unit, and shall not be altered; (2) Should include working hours, work location, work content, salary, position, unit seal, applicant signature and other necessary content.

Applicant’s passport or international travel document
Source: Provided by the applicant
Requirements: (1) The validity of the passport shall not be less than 6 months; (2) The page where the visa and entry stamp are located should be provided for the new overseas application after entry.

Applicant’s bareheaded photo within 6 months
Source: Provided by the applicant
Requirements: Recent bareheaded electronic photo, blue background, no border, complete facial features, clear image. It is not recommended to wear accessories such as hats or turbans, and if it is necessary for religious reasons, ensure that it does not cover the entire face of the applicant

Accompanying family members related certification materials
Source: Provided by the applicant
(1) Accompanying family members include spouse, children under the age of 18, parents and spouse’s parents;
(2) Including accompanying family members passport information page, family relationship certificate (spouse – marriage certificate, child – child birth certificate or adoption certificate, parents or spouse parents – applicant birth certificate or marriage certificate or notarial certificate), medical report (family members over 18 years old) and electronic photos.

Materials to be provided by the employer
Information registry
Legal registration certificate
Legal representative identity certificate
Industry license document (if any)
Labor contract

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