What should foreigners who apply for work or residence in China pay attention to?

More and more foreigners are coming to China to work, live, and study. Foreigners working in China are required to obtain work permits and work residence permits in accordance with regulations. In addition, the aspects that foreigners need to pay attention to when working and living in China are summarized as follows to avoid illegal employment.

Employers: There are no serious violations or dishonesty records, and this job should have special needs as there is a lack of suitable talent in China. It is not allowed to violate Chinese laws and pay foreign employees wages that are not lower than the local minimum wage standard.

Employee: The employee should be at least 18 years old, in good health, with no criminal record, have a formal employer in China, and possess the professional skills or knowledge required for the job. Work should adapt to the needs of economic and social development, and employees should be urgently needed and scarce professional talents.


No1. Obtain work permits and work residence permits in accordance with regulations.

No2. Do not exceed the work permit limit area.

No3. Cannot exceed the scope and time limit of the job position.

No4. Within 30 days after entering the country, please apply for a residence permit from the relevant department.

No5. During work and life in China, please make sure to bring your passport or other international travel documents, or foreign residence permit with you. When the public security organs need to inspect, you need to actively cooperate with the inspection.

No6. Foreign students studying abroad must obtain the consent of the school before applying for a residence permit, and go to the relevant management department to add information on their residence documents, including the location and duration of work study or internship. Otherwise, they will not be able to work, study, or intern in China.

No7. If your accommodation address in China has changed, please bring the necessary documents to the relevant management department of the local public security organs and promptly handle the accommodation registration change procedures.

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