GuangZhou Customs unveils 18 facilitating measures for the Canton Fair

The 135th China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, is scheduled to open in Guangzhou in three phases from April 15th to May 5th. On April 9th, Guangzhou Customs released the “Facilitating Measures of Guangzhou Customs to Support the 135th China Import and Export Fair in 2024” (simply referred to as Facilitating Measures) and the “Customs Clearance Guidelines of Guangzhou Customs for the 135th China Import and Export Fair in 2024” (simply referred to as Customs Clearance Guidelines), aiming to enhance the efficiency and quality of customs clearance supervision and services for the upcoming event.

The newly released Facilitating Measures propose a series of initiatives including extending the temporary import period for exhibits, supporting enterprises to participate in the exhibition outside the designated zone, implementing preferential tax policies for imported exhibits, prioritizing business handling, and facilitating personnel clearance. All these help ensure smooth and efficient customs clearance for inbound and outbound personnel and materials related to the Canton Fair.

The Customs Clearance Guidelines provide precise guidance for participating enterprises and relevant personnel to understand the relevant clearance policies and regulations during the exhibition in eight aspects, including enterprise registration for the Canton Fair, approval and access of exhibition goods, declaration of imported materials, inspection and release of exhibition goods, supervision during the exhibition, disposal of exhibition goods, personnel and personal items, and journalist’s interview equipment.

Each session of the current Canton Fair will feature a 10,000-square-meter import exhibition, with an expected participation of 680 enterprises. On March 17th, the 135th Canton Fair welcomed its first batch of imported exhibits. Consisting of a total of 22 items with a total weight of 3,700 kilograms, these exhibits primarily include household appliances such as freezers, range hoods, and electric ovens produced in Turkey. Upon arrival at Guangzhou Nansha New Port, they were declared to the customs and smoothly cleared using an integrated clearance model.

“Based on the current customs registration situation, imported exhibits are expected to arrive during all three phases of this Canton Fair, covering categories such as home appliances, machinery, and hardware tools. As of April 8th, 48 batches of imported Canton Fair exhibits worth over 3.1 million yuan have been arriving at ports such as Guangzhou Nansha New Port, Guangzhou Jiaoxin Port, and Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport via sea and air transportation, mainly from countries and regions including Egypt, India, and Japan,” said Deng Qiang, Deputy Director of the Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center under Guangzhou Customs.

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