Foreigners welcome at Chengdu expo

Chengdu, the host city of the International Horticultural Exposition 2024, has prepared a comprehensive guide for foreign visitors to the event, local officials said.

The expo, running from April 26 to Oct 28, will showcase diverse gardening cultures from China and around the world.

To make it more convenient for foreigners to visit Sichuan’s provincial capital for the expo, the city has comprehensively improved services in fields ranging from border entry and exit to international flights, tourism, payments, express deliveries and healthcare.

The exit and entry administration of the city’s public security bureau will make it more convenient for foreigners to visit Chengdu through measures such as visa processing at nearby locations, re-entry facilitation and simplification of visa application materials.

The city’s 11 visa application centers each feature a dedicated visa service window for visitors to the expo, it said.

Chengdu’s financial supervision and administration bureau has improved the city’s payment environment. On Monday, the city achieved full acceptance of domestic and foreign bank cards, cash and mobile payments at key locations such as major commercial districts, tourist attractions, hotels, transportation hubs and hospitals, the bureau said.

Most of Chengdu’s major express delivery companies can provide delivery services for foreigners holding valid passports and permanent residence cards, the city’s postal administration bureau said.

With less than two weeks to go before the opening of the expo, all 113 exhibition parks and six core pavilions at the main venue have been completed, and construction work at the expo’s four branch venues has also been largely completed.

Ding Fuzhuang, director of Chengdu Horticultural Expo Operation Development Co’s planning and design department, said cities from around the world will participate in the event.

At the main venue, covering an area of 242.2 hectares in the Chengdu Eastern New Area, the potential shape of future park cities will be showcased.

The branch venue in Chengdu’s Wenjiang district will have a Sichuan-style bonsai theme, the one in Pidu district will focus on the flower industry, and agronomy will take center stage at the branch venue in Xinjin district. The fourth branch venue, in Qionglai, a lower-level city under the administration of Chengdu, will have a biodiversity theme.

Zhang Yongchao, head of Chengdu Horticultural Expo Operation Development Co’s industry operation department, said the main venue will offer two themed sightseeing routes — “international style” and “Chengdu flavor” — along with a diverse range of commercial and consumption options.

On the international style route, visitors will be able to stroll through 31 exhibition parks to appreciate the charms of gardens from around the world.

The Chengdu flavor route will connect 82 exhibition parks to showcase Sichuan culture and Chengdu’s lifestyle. Visitors will be able to enjoy experiences ranging from tasting local baba tea to watching Chengdu’s characteristic theatrical performances.

During the 186-day event, more than 2,000 diverse and family-friendly cultural activities will be held. The organizers will also promote international exchanges and cooperation in the development of gardening, horticulture and the arts.

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