Short term work visa for foreigners coming to China (90 days)

The short-term work visa for foreigners coming to China (90 days) usually refers to a type of visa that allows foreigners to work for a short period of time within China (usually within 90 days). Here are some basic information and precautions about short-term work visas (90 days) for foreigners coming to China:

Application conditions:
1. The applicant must hold a valid passport or other international travel document.
2. The applicant must have a confirmed employer within China, and the employer must have the qualifications to hire foreigners.
3. Applicants must meet relevant occupational, skill, and health requirements.
4. The applicant must meet other conditions stipulated by the Chinese immigration management department.
Application process:
1. Employers need to apply for a foreign employment permit from the local human resources and social security department.
2. The applicant needs to submit a visa application to the local immigration management department and provide relevant materials, such as passport, photo, employment permit certificate, etc.
3. The immigration management department will review the application and issue a short-term work visa if the conditions are met.
1. The validity period of a short-term work visa is usually within 90 days, and the holder must complete the work and leave China within the validity period of the visa.
2. The applicant needs to ensure that the materials provided are true, complete, and comply with relevant requirements.
3. Applicants must comply with Chinese laws and regulations and are not allowed to engage in activities that do not match the type of visa.
4. If necessary, applicants can apply for visa extension or change to the immigration management department before the visa expires.
The specific application conditions and procedures may vary depending on the region and policy changes.

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