Welfare policies for foreign talents in Guangdong Free Trade Zone

At present, foreigners who come to work in Guangdong can enjoy the “four major conveniences” in handling relevant work visa procedures.

Foreigners who have worked in Guangdong for a long time can enjoy the convenience of unified management of work permits after the integration of the two certificates. The foreign specialized departments will issue the “Foreigner Work Permit” in a unified manner, open up “green channel” for foreign high-end talents, and provide “commitment system” and “acceptance” convenience measures.

High-level foreign talents and innovative and entrepreneurial talents can enjoy the convenience of the Ministry of Public Security’s 16 entry-exit policies supporting the construction of Guangdong Free Trade Zone and innovation-driven development. Foreigners who do not hold a visa to work in Guangdong may apply for a Z (Work) visa at the port visa authority of Guangdong Province with the Notice of Work Permit for Foreigners issued by the foreign specialized departments.

Foreigners who come to Guangdong for a short period of time can enjoy the convenience of invitation letter policy without work permit. Foreign experts who come to Guangdong to engage in management, technology, scientific research, teaching, guidance, consultation and other work for less than 90 days are exempted from the formalities of work permit, work visa and residence permit, and the Invitation Letter for Foreign Experts to come to China is directly issued by the foreign specialized departments.

Foreign high-end talents can enjoy the convenience of talent visa such as the longest visa validity period. Foreign high-end talents and their spouses and children with the “Foreign high-end talents Confirmation Letter” issued by the provincial Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs, can obtain up to 10 years, multiple entry R (talent) visa.
At the same time, Guangdong Pilot Free Trade Zone has launched a series of highlight policies and measures to promote innovation and entrepreneurship of high-level talents and enterprises.

First, we will establish and improve a high-level talent evaluation mechanism.
It is proposed that the Nansha, Qianhaishizkou and Hengqin areas of the pilot Free trade Zone should formulate the evaluation standards for scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship, finance, shipping, trade and other aspects of high-level talents that need to be introduced, and simplify the evaluation and identification procedures for high-level talents.

Second, we will improve visa and residence policies for high-level talent.
It is proposed to implement a more convenient visa policy, implement a more open residence policy and facilitate the entry and exit of talents. (For example, high-level foreign talents and foreign personnel engaged in business activities in the area can apply for F visas with entry validity of no more than 5 years and M visas with entry validity of no more than 1 year with the letter from the area Management Committee and the invitation letter from the area unit, respectively. The working permit period for high-level foreign talents in the zone is extended to 5 years. High-level foreign talents working in the zone can apply for residence permits of not more than 5 years with the identification certificate of high-level talents, the employment certificate of the unit in the zone and the work certificate of foreigners. The spouses and minor children of qualified high-level foreign talents can apply for residence certificates consistent with those of the main applicant. Qualified high-level talents with reference to the personnel of enterprises and institutions can handle the business endorsement for travel to and from Hong Kong for several times a year and to and from Macao for several times in three months.)

Third, we will improve policies to encourage high-level talent to innovate and start businesses.
Six measures are proposed to implement preferential tax policies, set up a talent entrepreneurship development fund, reward high-level talents with outstanding contributions, devolve the right to assess professional titles in an orderly manner, promote mutual recognition of professional qualifications for talents from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and support high-level talents from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and foreign countries to apply for science and technology projects.

Fourth, we will create high-quality talent carriers.
It is proposed to strengthen the construction of high-level talents development platform, strengthen the construction of high-level talents entrepreneurship platform, and realize the efficient transformation of high-level talents’ intellectual property rights.

Fifth, we will develop a comprehensive service system for high-level talents.
It is proposed to improve the social security system, strengthen housing security, properly solve the problem of children’s schooling, enhance the convenience of transportation, vigorously develop the human resources service industry, and implement high-level talents “one-stop” service measures in six aspects.

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