How can foreigners apply for a Chinese tourist visa when traveling to China?

The general process for foreigners to apply for a Chinese L-shaped tourist visa when traveling to China is as follows:

1. Prepare application materials: including an original passport with a validity period of 6 months or more and at least one blank visa page, as well as one copy of the passport photo information page; A truthful, complete and signed “Visa Application Form of the People’s Republic of China”; Provide one recent, front, and color photo and paste it on the table.

2. Fill out the visa application form online: Visit the China Visa Online Filling website, fill out the visa application form online, and print out the confirmation page and full form.

3. Appointment for submission of materials: Make an online appointment for submission of the application through the China Visa Application Online Appointment Website and print out the visa appointment confirmation form.

4. Prepare other relevant materials: Based on, L-visa applicants are required to provide itinerary information such as round-trip airfare orders and hotel orders, or invitation letters issued by units or individuals within China. The invitation letter should include personal information of the invited person, itinerary information, and information about the inviting unit or person.

5. Application submission: According to the appointment time, I will bring my passport and other application materials to the designated Chinese visa application service center or consulate to submit the application, and may need to keep ten fingerprints.

6. Waiting for approval: After submitting all materials, wait for visa approval.

7. Visa application: After the visa is approved, please follow the notification to apply for the visa.

8. After entry, apply for residence registration: After entering China, according to regulations, within a certain time limit (usually 30 days), go to the local public security bureau’s entry and exit management bureau to apply for residence registration.

The requirements and procedures for applying for a tourist visa may vary depending on the country, region, or policy changes. It is recommended to visit the official website of the Chinese embassy or consulate in the local area or directly contact the embassy or consulate to obtain the latest and most accurate visa application information before applying. Starting from January 1, 2024, the Chinese Embassy and Consulate in the United States has waived some of the application materials for an L-shaped (tourist) visa. Applicants are exempt from providing round-trip airfare, hotel orders, itinerary or invitation letters, but specific requirements are still subject to the embassy and consulate.

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