What conditions and requirements do foreigners need to meet when applying for visa extension in China?

Foreigners applying for visa extension in China need to meet the following conditions and requirements:

1. Scope of application: Applicable to foreigners applying for visa extension, renewal, and reissuance after entering the country with a regular visa.

2. Application requirements: Foreigners who enter China with a regular visa and need to stay in China for non diplomatic or official reasons may apply for visa extension, renewal, or reissue to the entry and exit management agency of the public security organs in accordance with regulations.

3. Applicant: The relevant procedures should be completed by the applicant at the entry and exit management agency of the public security organs. In some cases, the inviting unit or individual, the applicant’s relatives, or relevant specialized service organizations can apply on their behalf.

4. Application materials: It is necessary to submit a valid passport or other international travel document, fill out the foreigner visa application form, submit a photo that meets the standards, provide relevant proof materials related to the application reason, and other necessary procedures and submitted proof materials.

5. Specific visa type required materials: Different types of visas (such as C, F, G, etc.) require different proof materials to be submitted, such as invitation unit proof letters, ongoing proof letters, etc.

6. Processing process: including online form filling, application submission, acceptance, review, decision-making, and other steps.

7. Deadline for processing: The validity period of the acceptance receipt for visa application shall not exceed 7 working days from the date of acceptance.

8. Fee basis and standards: The fee standards for visa extension, replacement, and reissuance shall be in accordance with relevant documents.

9. Prohibitive requirement: If the applicant falls under the circumstances stipulated in Article 21 of the Regulations on the Administration of the Entry and Exit of Foreigners of the People’s Republic of China, the extension, replacement, or reissuance of the visa shall not be approved.

10. Other: The cumulative extension of visa stay period shall not exceed the original stated stay period on the visa.

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