Attention should be paid to the invitation letter for foreign business visas coming to China!!!

One essential document for applying for a Chinese visa is the visa invitation letter.
According to different types of visas, different invitation letters are required.
Applying for a business visa requires an invitation letter from a company, but an invitation letter from an individual is not allowed.
Of course, there are also some special circumstances, such as Pakistan, Türkiye, Iran, Nigeria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries
The invitation letters issued by companies from these countries are useless and require a TE invitation letter from the Foreign Affairs Office.
If people from the above countries have been to China before, there is no need for a TE invitation letter.
Content of Business Visa Invitation Letter:
1. Specific situation of the company
2. Time of arrival and end in China
3. The name, passport number, nationality, employer, etc. of the invitee.
4. Matters and detailed information regarding coming to China
5. Who will pay for the expenses of coming to China
6. Who provides security guarantees for coming to China
7. Please indicate whether your visit to China is single or multiple times.
8. Invite the company to stamp and the person in charge to sign.

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