The process for foreigners to apply for business visas in China

1. Determine visa type: Based on the purpose of going to China, determine the type of visa that needs to be applied for. Business visas are usually M visas.

2. Collect required documents: Prepare necessary application materials, usually including:

  • A valid passport and a copy of the passport.
  • Complete the visa application form.
  • Recent passport photos.
  • Invitation letters or invitation confirmation letters within China should include contact information of the  inviting unit or individual, personal information of the invited person, purpose of visit, date, etc.

3.Fill out the visa application form: Log in to the website of the China Visa Application Service Center or the China Consular Service Network, fill out the “People’s Republic of China Visa Application Form” online, and print the confirmation page and form.

4. Other materials that may be required: company recommendation letter, business report, import and export license certificate, tax certificate, etc. (depending on specific circumstances).

5. Appointment: Some embassies and consulates may need to make an online appointment for submitting applications.

6. Submit application: According to the appointment time, go to the China Visa Application Service Center or embassy to submit application materials, and may need to keep fingerprints.

7. Attend visa interview (if necessary): In some cases, applicants may need to attend an interview.

8. Tracking application status: After submitting the application, you can track the application status through the relevant website or directly contact the visa center.

9. Visa application: After the visa application is approved, please follow the notification to obtain the visa.
Please note that the above process may vary based on the latest policies and requirements, with local regulations as the standard.

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