What is the longest work visa for foreigners in China?

The maximum length of time that foreigners can apply for a work visa in China depends on their specific category and qualifications. The following is a clear summary of the longest application period for various types of foreign work visas:

1、 Foreign high-end talents (Class A):
After the expiration of the first application, the second application can be for a 2-5 year extension of the work permit.
The maximum license period is 5 years.
According to the validity period of the work permit, one can apply for a work type residence permit with the same validity period, and the longest issued residence period is also 5 years.

2、 Foreign professional talents (Class B):
After working in the same company for one year, if extended for one year, a 2-year work permit can be applied for in the third year.
The maximum license period is 2 years.
For personnel working in reputable filing units who have applied for a work residence permit for more than one year in Shanghai twice without any illegal or irregular issues, they can apply for a residence permit with a validity period of 5 years.

3、 Other foreign personnel (Class C):
The license period is 1 year.
The longest validity period of a work residence permit can be issued as a residence permit for no more than one year.

The above permit period shall not exceed the validity period of the employer’s business license, registration certificate or government approval, labor contract or appointment letter, and the validity period of the applicant’s passport or international travel document that can replace the passport.

For foreign high-level talents, urgently needed specialized talents, and investors, residence permits with a residence period not exceeding 5 years can be issued. The maximum application period for work visas for foreigners in China depends on their specific category and qualifications, as well as relevant policy regulations.

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