There is no clear limit on the number of work visas that foreign-funded companies can apply for in China, but they need to comply with relevant Chinese laws, regulations, and policies. Foreign companies need to determine the number of work visas they apply for based on their actual situation and needs, as well as the job requirements and conditions for hiring foreigners. Normally, foreign-funded companies need to provide corresponding proof materials and application materials, including but not limited to:

1. The business license or registration certificate of the company;

2. Personal documents such as passports, educational certificates, professional skills certificates, and certificates of no criminal record of Chinese nationals;

3. Employment intention letters, labor contracts, and other work-related documents.
In addition, foreign-funded companies are also required to comply with China’s labor laws and regulations when hiring foreigners, including but not limited to signing written labor contracts and paying wages not lower than the local minimum wage standard. If foreign companies need to hire high-end talents or professional technical personnel, they may also need to meet specific conditions or standards, such as annual salary, tax payment amount, etc.

Therefore, when foreign companies apply for work visas, they should reasonably determine the number of applications based on the actual situation and needs of the company.

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