What situations can foreign nationals directly transfer Chinese work visas within the country?

Foreigners can directly apply for a Chinese work visa (work visa) within China. These situations mainly include:

1. Foreign high-end talents (Class A) who have entered the country with other visas or valid residence permits: These talents can convert to work visas within the country with any valid visa.

2. Foreigners working in China who change employers but have not changed their job position (occupation), and whose work residence permit is within its validity period: Foreigners who change employers and wish to apply for employment transfer within China must cancel their original work permit within one month.

3. Foreign spouses or children of Chinese citizens, as well as spouses or children of foreign nationals residing or working in China, who hold valid visas or valid residence permits: If these individuals are employed by a company and meet the conditions for obtaining a work permit, they can directly transfer to a work type residence permit.

4. Compliant with preferential policies related to free trade zones and comprehensive innovation and reform pilot zones: preferential policies in specific regions allow foreigners to directly transfer work visas within the country.

5. Employers who are eligible for preferential policies related to the headquarters of multinational corporations in China: This includes senior management personnel and professional technical personnel hired by the headquarters or enterprise groups of multinational corporations in China, who move in the same positions between the regional headquarters and its wholly-owned or joint venture subsidiaries or subsidiaries (between the parent company and its member companies or member companies) that have been registered with the licensing decision-making authority.

6. Internal personnel flow within enterprise groups: Similar to the situation of multinational corporations mentioned above, but with a greater emphasis on personnel flow within the enterprise group.

7. Implementation of intergovernmental agreements or agreements: According to intergovernmental agreements or agreements, specific personnel can directly transfer to work permits within the country.

8. Representative personnel of resident agencies who have entered China with work visas in accordance with the law: These personnel have entered China with work visas and can be transferred within the country after meeting the conditions.

9. Foreigners who have obtained a work permit to work in China for less than 90 days and are lawfully employed by domestic employers during their stay period can directly transfer their work permits within the country.

Please note that the above situation is for reference only, and the specific application conditions and process may vary depending on the region and policy changes.

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