Shenzhen Announces New High-End Foreign Talent Policy

Shenzhen has been authorized to certify high-end and urgently needed foreign talents for the city, the criteria officially came into force on April 6 and will be valid for 3 years as a trial.

Eligible professionals must meet at least one of the following conditions: 
1. Being included in one of China’s foreign talents programs;
2. Holding globally recognized professional certifications;
Such as: Nobel Prize nominee, academician of the international academy of sciences or engineering, winner of the highest national science and technology award, national natural science award, national technology invention award, national science and technology progress award, the person who is in charge of the international major science plan and science projects, Scientists or main technical science members, Science and Technology Award winners in Shenzhen/Guangdong, winner of the Chinese Government Friendship Award, the presidents, vice presidents, professors and associate professors of world-renowned music and art institutions, Artists who have performed individually in world-renowned opera houses or concert halls and so on.
3. Being badly needed for social and economic development in Shenzhen;
Such as: those who took senior management or technical positions from China’s top 500 companies, those who have worked in national laboratories, provincial laboratories, and other key laboratories. Those who have been working in engineering research centers, engineering laboratories, enterprise technology centers, technology innovation centers, clinical medicine research centers, national manufacturing innovation centers, and local technology innovation service platforms. Foreign experts who have made scientific research cooperation or teaching cooperation with universities, scientific research institutions, and enterprises headquarters in Shenzhen,
4. Being recognized as innovative and entrepreneurial talents;
It mainly aims at founders of companies with independent intellectual property rights, executives of innovative companies, and winners of entrepreneurship competitions, to encourage them to get engaged in innovation and entrepreneurship activities in Shenzhen.
On the basis of national standards, those who have won the first, second and third prizes of the professional finals, industry finals or finals of Shenzhen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition has been added.
5. Being distinguished as young outstanding talents;
It mainly aims at young PhD graduates and young people in charge of science and technology projects, and encourages them to carry out scientific research in Shenzhen.Also including the leaders in charge of the national, provincial and municipal outstanding youth science and technology projects.
6. Scoring 85 or more points in China’s point scoring system designed to judge foreigners’ qualifications in applying for work permits;
7. Being recommended by related government agencies of the city.
Such as: Investment management professionals, financial technology professionals, artificial intelligence (AI) engineers, electronic materials professionals, international trade and business operations professionals, technology innovation executives recommended by Municipal talent department.
“Based on national rules for attracting high-end professionals, the local standard adds ‘Shenzhen elements’ by taking the city’s need into consideration,” an employee of the Shenzhen Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, who declined to be named, said in an interview yesterday.Employers of foreign nationals can submit applications at .The Science and Technology Innovation Commission of Shenzhen will issue certificates within five workdays to qualified applicants and will share their information with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and related embassies and consulates in the countries of the qualified applicants. They will then be granted a China Talent visa, or R visa.The R visa is only issued to people whose talents have reached a high-level qualification or whose skills are urgently needed in China.The criteria will be valid for 3 years as a trial, it may be amended accordingly if needed.

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