What are the precautions for foreigners working in China?

Many foreigners who want to work in China or have come to China are always faced with problems, big and small, because of the language barrier and lack of understanding of the policies. So what should foreigners pay attention to when working in China?

1.Can foreigners change jobs freely in China?

We all know that as Chinese citizens we can change our jobs at will in China; So can foreigners change jobs as freely as we do? The answer is no. Foreigners who change jobs must be assisted by their new work units in applying for new work permits and work-type residence permits. Chinese law stipulates that no unit or individual shall employ foreigners who have not obtained work permits or work-type residence permits. It is illegal to employ foreigners with false certificates.

2.Why do foreigners need to change their work permits to the new company?

If the work unit has changed, but the work permit has not been updated, this is considered as illegal employment which do not meet the requirements for foreigners to work in China.
If the employer or position of the applicant is changed, he/she shall file an application with the licensing decision authority within 10 working days after the change occurs.

3.Do foreigners need to register for temporary accommodation after coming to China?

Yes. The application of temporary accommodation registration involves filling in the temporary accommodation registration form, which refers to the person without a Chinese ID card to stay in hotels, restaurants, hostels, guest houses, schools, enterprises, public institutions or government organs, organizations and other Chinese institutions, should show a valid certificate and fill in the temporary accommodation registration form. Under any of the following circumstances, a fine of not more than 2,000 yuan may be imposed

(1) Foreigners refuse to accept examination of their exit/entry documents by public security organs;
(2) Foreigners refuse to submit their residence certificates for examination;
(3) failing to handle the birth registration and death declaration of aliens in accordance with relevant regulations;
(4) where the registered items in a foreigner’s residence permit are changed and the changes are not handled in accordance with relevant regulations;
(5) Foreigners in China illegally use others’ exit/entry documents;
(6) failing to register for temporary accommodation as required.

4.Under what circumstances should foreigners prepare no-criminal record in advance?

Before applying for work visa, study visa, work residence permit, study residence permit and Chinese permanent residence status, foreigners are required to apply for no-criminal record in their country of nationality and the country of residence for recent one year. Meanwhile, no-criminal record issued by foreign countries can be used in China only after being authenticated by the local Chinese embassies and consulates.

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