How to deal with the common problems of foreigners’ work visa extension or cancellation?

Should a foreigner cancel his/her work permit when he/she leaves company? What if work permit is lost during the extension?GEI has sorted out some common questions about work permit extension and cancellation for you as below.

If a foreigner’s work permit is about to expire, will it needs to be canceled if both employer and foreigner do not extend the contract any more?

1. If foreigner’s last working day is till the validity of the work permit, and he/she is going to leave the country directly, then the company doesn’t need to apply for cancellation of work permit, the system will automatically cancel it after the expiration of the work permit (no cancellation certificate is issued);

2. If a foreigner leaves his/her job in advance, or he/she still needs to stay for a period of time after the end of work, the employer shall apply for cancellation of work permit (cancellation certificate can be issued) and cancellation of work/residence permit (apply a 30-day stay permit) when the foreigner leaves his/her job.

Can I apply for the change of passport number, name, position and other relevant information at the same time?

Yes, you can. It is necessary to provide electronic and paper versions of the corresponding proof documents.

How to handle the extension business if the work permit has been lost?

1. If the validity of the work permit is not within three month before the expiration, it is necessary to apply for a new work permit and then handle the extension business

2. If the validity period of the work permit is within three months before the expiration, you can apply for the loss notice first, and apply for a new card together when applying the extension.

Where can I check whether the work visa has been cancelled?

You can scan the QR code on the card with your mobile phone to check the start and end dates of the work permit.

How to deal with the loss of work permit when canceling? Do I need to get a new one then cancel?

The company shall issue the “Description of the Loss of the Work Permit” (stamped with the official seal of the employer) and upload it to the attachment of the cancellation application; Release the loss announcement in the system, print the screenshot, stamp the official seal and upload it to the cancellation attachment.

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