2+3 Quarantine for Int’l Arrivals to Chengdu? Really?

Recently, some media said that int’l arrivals to Chengdu were asked to take 2-day centralized quarantine in hotels, rather than 5 days. And Chengdu is trying a “2+3” policy.
That is to say, only two days of hotel isolation are needed to complete the COVID tests upon arrival and on the first day in the hotel. If the COVID tests result are negative, arrivals will be allowed to leave the hotel for three days of home isolation.

Although there is still no official announcement, many netizens who have entered Chengdu have confirmed the news.
Li, who returned from Qatar and arrived in Chengdu on 18th, was originally notified to be quarantined in a hotel for 5 days, but on the 20th (that is, the third day of his stay in the hotel), he was told that he could leave the hotel, but he was asked to sign a letter of commitment before leaving, promising that that he would consciously continue the isolation at home, until 8 days after entry (including the centralized isolation time), and would not go out during the isolation period, and cooperate with the relevant requirements.

However, the relevant staff of the Chengdu Epidemic Prevention Headquarters said that, some quarantine hotels in Chengdu are shortening the centralized isolation to 2 days in trial operation, and they have not yet received any official documents for implementing any relaxed control in large-scale. The entry quarantine time is still “5+3” (5 days of centralized quarantine and 3 days of home quarantine).
After the release of the “New Ten Guidelines”, all cities in China have adjusted policies related to COVID testing and trans-provincial travel, but the authorities have not announced any adjustments regarding the entry quarantine time.
Apart from Chengdu’s “2+3” policy in trail, there is no news about adjusting the centralized isolation time for inbound travelers in other cities yet. Other cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, are still under the “5+3” policy.

According to a Hong Kong media, China will no longer take measures to isolate overseas entry to isolation facilities from January 3, 2023 and will change the current “5+3” policy to “0+3”.
If the news is true, it means that China will be fully open from 2023. But so far, CN Mainland has not showed any confirmation.
From December 14, Hong Kong’s policy has been changed to “0+0”, that is, there is no require for isolation. But it is necessary to carry out 5-day centralized isolation and 3-day home isolation in accordance with the mainland’s policies.

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