The latest visa application requirements for foreigners to China in 2023

After three years of the epidemic, the entry policy for foreigners to China has finally been relaxed. Below, Xino will give you a brief summary of the latest visa application requirements for foreigners to China in 2023.

Visa types available
C, D, F, J1, J2, L visa(people who travel to China in a group tour (more than 5 people), M, Q1, Q2, R, S1, S2, X1, X2 and Z visas are available now.
Visa-free personnel
NO.1 Foreigners subject to various types of mutual visa exemption agreements
NO.2 Foreigners holding valid Chinese permanent residence certificates
NO.3 Foreigners holding valid residence permits of various kinds
NO.4 Foreigners holding valid APEC Business Travel Card (excluding virtual card)
Visa application process
NO.1 Applicants log on to the Embassy website and enter the online application page to fill in the visa application form online.
NO.2 Make an appointment after completing the online form.
NO.3 Bring the application materials to the China Visa Application Service Center at the appointed time to submit and collect fingerprints.
NO.1 Except for travel to the mainland and medical treatment, other visas will be accepted in accordance with pre-epidemic policies. The application for journalist visa shall be subject to the requirements of the competent department.
NO.2 Other visa applicants must go to the visa service center to have their fingerprints taken and their faces collected:
1.Persons under the age of 14 or over the age of 70.
2.Those who hold diplomatic passports or meet the requirements for the examination and issuance of diplomatic, official or courtesy visas.
3.Persons who have applied for visas at the Embassy in China with the same passport within five years and have retained fingerprints.
4.All fingers are missing or all fingerprints cannot be retained.

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