China-Arab States Expo promotes high-quality BRI development

A promotional event for the sixth China-Arab States Expo is held in Dubai on May 24. The expo secretariat made comprehensive introduction to major happenings during the September expo in the Ningxia Hui autonomous region. [MA PENGDA/For]

Participation in the sixth China-Arab States Expo helps achieving the common vision of development between China and the United Arab Emirates, according to speakers at a promotional event in Dubai on May 24.

Themed “New Era, New Opportunities, New Future”, the sixth China-Arab States Expo will be held in Yinchuan, capital of Ningxia Hui autonomous region, from Sept 21 to 24. It will feature activities on digital economy, clean energy, water resource, modern agriculture, green food, cross-border e-commerce, and tourism cooperation, with a special focus on technology and medicine.

Since its launch in 2013, the expo has driven ahead the vigorous development of exchanges between China and Arab states, including the UAE, especially in expanding high-quality cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative, Yang Wenhui, secretary general and of the expo, told the audiences.

The opening ceremony will be among the major events during the expo, which will include five conferences, eight sub-events and other forums and promotions, he said.

The biennial event has attracted more than 5,000 enterprises from 110 countries and regions. During the past five sessions, 1,213 projects had been signed with a total value of 959.24 billion yuan ($147.72 billion), according to the expo secretariat. The UAE was chief guest country at the fifth China-Arab States Expo in 2021.

Ali Abdullah Al-Jari, director of the Sharjah Export Development Centre, speaks at the event in Dubai, May 24. [MA PENGDA/For]

Ali Abdullah Al-Jari, director of the Sharjah Export Development Centre, stressed that such bilateral cooperation has not only benefited trade, but also opened an important gateway for entrepreneurs and companies operating in the UAE, especially Sharjah, which is a fertile ground for technology, energy and infrastructure.

Al-jari invited local attendees and businesses to seize opportunities and contribute to the expo so as to achieve a shared bright future for both sides.

Chen Zhiwei, deputy director of the department of commerce of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Trade Authority, referred to the Arabs as important partners. He warmly welcomed Arab delegations to the sixth expo. “We organized and created bridges of cooperation with Arab countries through the Belt and Road Initiative, which will develop the Chinese-Arab ties,” Chen said.

Chinese and UAE guests exchange views at the event for the sixth China-Arab States Expo. [MA PENGDA/For]

Wu Yi, from the Consulate General of China in Dubai, pointed out that China is the largest partner of the UAE with trade exchanges reaching $99.27 billion in 2022, a clear indicator of the ongoing development relationship.

“We hope that all sectors in the UAE will participate in the next exhibition to achieve the mutual vision of the two countries,” he said.

Ge Jia, executive director of China Arab TV, said both peoples went through difficult periods together and achieved effective development through the Belt and Road Initiative. China Arab TV, having covered all five previous expositions, is to cover the September event as well.

The complementary nature of Chinese and Arab economies is a main driving force for their ever growing exchanges while traditional friendship paves way for higher level partnership in the new era, Ge said.

Local businesses and entrepreneurs are encouraged to take part in the Sixth China-Arab States Expo scheduled for Sept 21 to 24 in Yinchuan. [Wessam Almjalli/For]

In recent years, “the two countries have worked closely and achieved remarkable results,” said Yue Jin, vice president of the Bank of China, Dubai Branch. He stressed that the bank is willing to finance and satisfy entrepreneurs in the UAE by enabling them in terms of achieving best secured benefits.

Founder and CEO of Thuraya Al-Awadhi Group of Companies Thuraya Al-Awadhi, also encouraged businesswomen, among others, and startups companies to take part in such events.

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