How can foreign Chinese carry out work and life in China after completing the household cancellation?

If no work required, apply for a reunion residence permit

If foreign Chinese do not need to work in China, they can rely on their immediate family members to apply for a residence permit for reunification.

Apply for a Q1 visa before entering the country

Family members of Chinese citizens (spouses, parents, children, children’s spouses, brothers and sisters, grandparents, maternal grandparents, grandchildren, grandchildren and parents of spouses) who apply for residence in China due to family reunification and family members of foreigners with permanent residence qualifications in China (spouses, parents, children, children’s spouses, brothers and sisters, grandparents, maternal grandparents, grandchildren, grandchildren and parents of spouses) And individuals who apply for entry and residence due to reasons such as foster care.

After entering the country, change the residence permit for reunification

After entry, go to the registered residence of Chinese family members or the provincial entry-exit hall where Chinese family members hold residence cards to apply for “family group cluster residence certificates”. The authentication of relevant documents, such as marriage certificate and birth certificate, needs to be done in advance, which takes about two months.

Working in China, applying for a work residence permit

Before entering, apply for a Z visa to enter the country

Before entering the country, foreigners should apply for a foreigner’s work permit notice and then apply for a Z visa at the Chinese embassy or consulate abroad.

Materials for Foreigner’s Work Permit Application
1. Original valid passport for foreigners
2. Original health examination certificate
3. Education certificate (embassy authentication required)
4. Proof of over 2 years of relevant work experience
4. Official certificate of no criminal record issued by the applicant’s country of nationality or long-term residence (region) (embassy authentication required)
5. Relevant documents and other information of the company

Change long-term work residence permit after entry

After entering China, foreigners can apply for a long-term work and residence permit to legally and legally work in China. Currently, it is also convenient for foreign Chinese to apply for a residence permit:

The Ministry of Public Security has previously launched eight measures to facilitate entry and exit, including providing visas and residence facilities for foreign Chinese. For foreign Chinese who need to work, study, visit relatives, and engage in private affairs in the local area and need to stay for a long time, a residence permit with a validity period of no more than 5 years can be issued according to regulations.

Chinese permanent resident ID card, second only to ID card documents!

The Chinese permanent residence identity card is a coveted “passport” for foreign nationals to live in China. However, the application materials for permanent residence in China are numerous, the application procedures are complex, and foreigners need to meet many conditions to apply for a Chinese green card.

However, they are particularly friendly to foreign Chinese and can apply directly if they meet the following conditions:

Foreign Chinese PhD holder
1. Possess a doctoral degree or above
2. Foreign Chinese who hold a work related residence permit to work in China

Foreign Chinese employee
1. Having worked continuously in a Chinese company for at least 4 years
2. Foreign Chinese who have resided in China for at least 6 months each year can apply for permanent residence in China to the entry and exit management department of the public security organ
After applying for a Chinese green card, foreign Chinese can enjoy corresponding public services and convenience when handling financial, educational, medical, transportation, accommodation, work, tax and social insurance, property registration, litigation, and other affairs in China.

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