Can foreign Chinese continue the social security they previously purchased in China?

If there is no Chinese identity card after the cancellation of the Chinese hukou, can the foreign Chinese renew the social security and medical insurance purchased in China before? GEI would like to share with you how to continue the previous social security when foreign Chinese return to work and settle down.

The continuation of Social Security

Not reaching retirement age

Have participated in the basic pension insurance before settling down abroad

After settling down abroad, foreign Chinese kept the basic pension insurance relationship and personal account in China

For Chinese foreigners who meet the above three conditions, after returning to China to work and re-participate in the basic endowment insurance, the relationship between the old and new endowment insurance can be continued, and their personal accounts can be combined. Moreover, the number of years of re-participation in the insurance after returning to China and the number of years of contribution before going abroad can be calculated cumulatively.

In addition, if Chinese foreigners leave China before reaching the prescribed pension age after they have worked in China and participated in social security, their personal social security accounts will be retained, and when they return to work in China again, their contribution years will be accumulated.

If the Chinese foreign nationality submits a written application to terminate the social insurance relationship, the amount stored in his personal social security account can be paid to him in a lump sum. In this case, when the foreign Chinese works in China again, his social security payment period shall be recalculated.

Matters need attention

When Chinese foreigners return to China for employment and re-participate in the basic social security endowment insurance, they will use a foreign passport, which is different from the Chinese identity card they used for social security before going abroad. Therefore, some cities will require additional documents to prove that the current nationality is the same as the previous Chinese identity.

Draw social security / pension

Participate in the basic endowment insurance and the contribution period has reached 15 years;

Reach the mandatory retirement age (subject to local or industry regulations).

Foreign Chinese can choose to live in China for old age and receive basic pension on a monthly basis; They may also choose to receive pensions outside China on a monthly basis, provided that they shall, at least once a year, provide to the social insurance agency in charge of paying pensions a survival certificate issued by the Chinese embassy or consulate abroad, or a survival certificate notarized and certified by the relevant agency in the country of residence and certified by the Chinese embassy or consulate abroad.

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