New Rules for Hong Kong Visa, Effective on June 19!

Last month, the Hong Kong Immigration Department announced the latest changes to the visa/entry permit application process. Starting from June 19, criminal records need to be declared if foreign servants, laborers, or students come to Hong Kong to apply for visas.
Many people are curious about why Hong Kong announced this new rule. This is because He Jiankui, the former associate professor of Southern University of Science and Technology who was sentenced to three years in prison for the “Gene Edited Baby Incident”, was approved to apply for the “High-End Talent Pass Plan” at the beginning of the year. It has sparkled a heated discussion among Chinese netizens.
Many foreign friends who want to travel to Hong Kong have raised questions, so will the application for Hong Kong travel visa be affected?
The answer is No! Tourism visa, consular visa, and “one-way permits” will not be included in this new rule.
To visit Hong Kong, you only need a visa!
A visa is essential before the trip begins. If you want to visit Hong Kong and are not in a visa-free countries, how can you efficiently apply for a Hong Kong tourist visa? Today, GEI have sorted out a detailed application documents for you.
Documents Required
1.Valid passport copy(Please scan all pages.Provide your old passport if available)
2.White photos(size:50*40mm)
3.Name card(optional)
4.National ID card
5.Marriage certificate(If your spouse is Chinese,you need to provide a copy of his/her ID card and household register)
6.Bussiness license copy and stamp
7.Chinese bank statement original form the last 6 months and relevant Bank Card copy,balance no less than 50,000RMB.(if you don’t have Chinese Bank card,please provide your country bank card)
8.Living paper copy(Provide by foreigners in China)
9.Work permit copy(Provide by foreigners in China)
10.Traffic arrangement:Air ticket(Optional)
11.Complementary assets(Optional)
Fixed-term deposit
Copy of house property certificate/Copy of vehicle license
Company tax or personal tax/company bussiness transaction certificate/company bussiness bank statement
Chamber of commerce membership card
Deposite certificate /salary certificate
12.Hong Kong Guanrantor(Optional)
Company letter and license
HK Id card
13.Collection form
Applying for a Hong Kong visa takes some time, the following points need to be paid special attention:
Submit your visa application more than 30 days in advance and pay attention to official holidays.
Ensure that the passport submitted be valid for at least 6 months.
Guarantee the authenticity, completeness and accuracy of your application materials.
Keep track of visa progress.

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