How can outstanding foreign graduates and young talents apply for work permits to come to China?

In recent years, many foreign outstanding graduates and young talents have been attracted to work in China, so whether they are eligible for foreigners to work in China permit, how to apply? Xino will share the relevant policies with you today.

Excellent Young Foreign talents apply for Class A Work Permit for Foreigners in China
Young talents under the age of 40 who are engaged in postdoctoral research in high-level foreign universities (subject to the list of world famous universities determined in the “Management and Service System for Foreigners’ Work in China” of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs) or universities in China.
Included in the Shenzhen foreign high-end talent classification standard, can be handled within the city’s A class “Foreigners in China work Permit”, meet the conditions, can apply for a maximum of 5 years of work permit.
Foreign fresh graduates apply for Class B Work Permit for Foreigners in China
Fresh graduates engaged in native language teaching need to obtain a bachelor’s degree or above in education, language or teacher education, or obtain an international language teaching certificate that meets the requirements(TEFL/TESOL) or a teacher’s certificate in home country, which can be exempted from the two years work experience requirement.
Hold the international general vocational skills qualification certificate or the urgent shortage of skilled talents.
Foreign outstanding fresh graduates apply for Class C Work Permit for Foreigners in China student
Outstanding graduates obtain bachelor or above degree in China, and have excellent academic performance (score 3.0 or above, or average score 80 or above) who plan to work in Shenzhen.
2.Foreign graduates from overseas universities
Outstanding foreign university graduates who have obtained a bachelor’s degree or above from the world’s top 500 universities and intend to work in Shenzhen(subject to the list of world-renowned universities determined in the “Foreigners in China Work Management Service System” of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs shall prevail).
Fresh graduates are those who have graduated less than two years.
What materials are required to apply for a work permit?
Information registration form
Business license
proof of identification of legal person
Tax certificate of the previous year
Employment contract
Application form for foreigner’s work permit in China
Certificate of working experience (issued by the previous employer)
Highest degree (diploma) certificate or relevant approval documents, professional qualification certificate (embassy authentication)
Proof of no criminal record (embassy authentication)
Physical examination certificate (issued or certified by the Chinese Inspection and quarantine authority)
Valid personal passport
Professional head-shot
According to the applicant’s conditions and circumstances, the application materials may be different, GEI will analyze the situation of each case, and provide you with suggestions that meet the application requirements. If necessary, you can add GEI for further information.

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