Shenzhen launches pilot stores with buy and tax refund service

On December 11, Shenzhen’s first buy and tax refund booth for overseas tourists was officially launched at the Mixc shopping mall in Luohu district.“Today, I bought a handbag for 16,200 RMB and received a refund of 1,458 RMB right on the spot. It is very convenient,” said Mr. IGOR from Belarus, who became the first beneficiary of the Buy & Tax Refund Service in Shenzhen.

This pilot program serves as an important part of boosting market confidence and promoting the “dual circulation” of consumption. The first 23 pilot stores are all located in the Mixc in Luohu District.

The booth offering buy & tax refund service has been set up in the Mixc, allowing overseas tourists to receive their tax refunds in the mall right after shopping.
The pilot program of “Buy & Tax Refund Service” is a significant milestone for the development of the outbound tax refund business in Shenzhen. Since the cross-border travel between Shenzhen and Hong Kong resumed, the two cities have collaborated closely, adding momentum to cross-city consumption.
Since the implementation of the outbound tax refund policy in Shenzhen in 2016, the city has established 205 outbound tax refund stores, with 172 located in Luohu District, accounting for 83.9% of the total. Among them, 134 are in King Glory Plaza and 31 in the Mixc.
This new policy will promote business upgrading, boost consumption growth and help Luohu become a world-class landmark commercial district.

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