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There are people who often do not know the difference between category A high-end talents and category B profession-als. Today,Xino takes you to have a look at the preferential policies for class A high-end talents.

Preferential policy
Top foreign talent is not limited by age,education or work experience.
Acceptance of the direct accep-tance approved by the online pre-examination institution shall be given an electronic receipt of ac-ceptance. Applicants do not need to provide paper materials for ver-ification before entering the coun-try;
The proof of no criminal record adopts the commitment system;
Those who have entered China with valid visas, valid resi-dence permit may apply for work permits for foreigners in China;
Work permits can be granted to foreigners for up to 5 years.
Meet the “WorkClassification Standards for Foreigners in China” Foreign High-end talents (Catego-ry A)
Selected in the domestic rel-evant talent plan;
In accordance with the inter-nationally recognized standards for professional achievements,the work qualification certificate shall adopt the commitment system;
Meeting internationally rec-ognized standards for the recogni-tion of professional achieve-ments;
Foreign talents who meet the needs of market-oriented encour-aged positions;
For innovative and en-trepreneurial talents, the highest degree (education) certificate can adopt the commitment system;
Category A high-end talent standard
Scientists, leading scientific and techno-logical talents, international entrepreneurs,specialized and special talents urgently needed by China’s economic and social de-velopment, such as “high-level, sophisti-cated and lacking” foreign high-end tal-ents, and meet the state’s priorities and lists of foreign talents and one of the fol-lowing conditions, are identified as catego-ry A,and the implementation of “green channel” and “accepting and accepting” services.

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