China offers peace of mind to foreign tourists

It is true that China’s foreign tourist arrivals have declined substantially, mainly because of the impact of the three pandemic years and geopolitical issues. So, naturally, China wants to attract foreign visitors back.

But why should foreign tourists flock once again to China?

China’s tourist spots are as attractive as any others in the Asia-Pacific region. When tourists from other countries think of “heading East”, they might think of destinations in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Yet most of them do not realize that China has more world-class, stunning natural landscapes and urban destinations than those countries, and those are easily accessible and offer equally fascinating histories to explore.

But how appealing is China today?

China has rolled out a 15-day visa-free entry policy for citizens of seven European countries and Malaysia. The government has made it even easier for citizens of many countries to visit China by removing the requirement of having hotel reservations before arriving in China.

China is also rolling out more streamlined, simplified information in English and other languages along with the improved visa application policies.

What about peace of mind during your holiday?

Easy, inexpensive access to healthcare services is a major plus for tourists visiting China, particularly for those visiting major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Expats living in China know that in hospitals across the country, services such as blood tests, X-rays, CT-scans and ultrasound scans are remarkably inexpensive, professional and fast. Tourists can also be assured of getting English-speaking doctors and international departments in hospitals in major cities.

Healthcare services are only one example of how tourists, in case of emergencies, can save a huge chunk of their travel budget. Most Western economies have experienced massive inflation, up to 30 percent, which has resulted in higher tariffs for hotel rooms and higher shopping expenses. But China has been almost free of such inflation.

For example, a world class zoo like the San Diego Zoo in California offers a wonderful experience but its costs $70 per person. A family visit to the zoos in Shanghai, Hangzhou and many other Chinese cities, on the other hand, costs less than $5 per person and offers that same wonderful experience to visitors — a stroll through lush gardens, super cool animal habitats and entertainment facilities, for example.

The rich experience of visiting ancient cities such as Xi’an of Shaanxi province to see the Terracotta Warriors cannot be gained by visiting the historical sites in other countries. Plus, tourists visiting China can stay in five-star hotels for about one-third of the cost they pay in places like Singapore and Tokyo.

If you prefer exotic tropical destinations, look no further than Hainan province’s gorgeous beaches and the charming Xiamen Island in Fujian province where a stay at a luxury international five-star hotel will cost you about $100 per night rather than $300, and an affordable excursion into the lush sub-tropical countryside to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tulou ancient villages.

Can you imagine countries like the United States, France or Italy having 40,000 kilometers of high-speed railway connecting their cities and transporting you to a city 150 km away for just $10? That is the sort of transportation service available in China. The high-speed railway is not only inexpensive but also connected to urban subway lines and airports. Even the urban taxi fleets will save you a fortune with the average taxi or Didi car-hailing ride costing between $3 and $10.

In fact, medical tourism is an extremely attractive option in China. Foreign tourists, especially Americans with friends or colleagues living in China should seriously consider setting aside two-three days to arrange for a comprehensive full body medical checkup because it costs between $200 and $500. For many Americans, that’s a genuine bargain.

Another, and a big, attraction for foreign tourists is China’s diverse cuisine. Available in virtually every city, the cuisines of different regions will simply blow you away, leaving you with a mysterious but satisfactory smile on your lips. Food in China is simply a different experience, and you can indulge yourself, in most restaurants, for no more than $10.

More important, China is the safest travel destination in the world. On top of that, the Chinese people are amiable and altruistic in nature, ready to help foreigners. Peace of mind plays a big role in making a holiday enjoyable, and China offers peace of mind in abundance.

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