Customs Special Action Benefits Enterprises and Individuals

Since the start of special customs operations on March 1, the “first-tier” port and “second-tier” channels of the Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin have been running smoothly, and enterprises and residents are benefiting from preferential policies in the cooperation zone.

As of March 13, more than 600,000 people have entered and exited the cooperation zone through Hengqin Port, and more than 411 batches of animal and plant products from Macao that were imported into the cooperation zone have been inspected by customs officers.

“I travel to Hengqin and Macao three or four times a week. I can bring the fruits and vegetables bought in Macao, which is very convenient,” said Yu Chaobin, who works in Macao and has lived in Hengqin for four or five years. Since Hengqin started special customs operations on March 1, he has successfully taken vegetables, beef jerky, and fruits purchased in Macao, after declaring them on the mobile app, and accepted customs inspection when crossing the border.

According to the regulations, Macao residents who study, work, and live in the cooperation zone can bring a certain amount of animal and plant products into the zone, which greatly facilitates their living and working in the cooperation zone. As of March 13, 2,174 Macao residents have applied for the preferential policy of “allowing Macao residents to bring relevant animal and plant products into the cooperation zone” through appointments.

Regarding preferential tax policies for goods, the duty-free import entities are expanded to six categories, including enterprises, social groups, and private non-enterprise units. Goods imported by those entities in the cooperation zone should be bonded.

“A series of preferential tax policies will greatly reduce our production and operation costs,” said Michael Men, Chairman of the Board of ImStem Biotechnology, Inc. In the past, the company needed to purchase reagents from abroad to conduct high-end testing experiments, and the new customs operation helps it reduce the cost of importing reagents.

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