Many foreigners have submitted visa applications after the recent opening of visa applications to China. However, there are some problems such as visa replenishment, interview results and materials being rejected. Today, GEI shares some of the most common reasons why visa applications are rejected.

Visa application form is filled in incorrectly
When applying for a visa, the application form is the most important document, as it is the basis on which the consular officer will decide whether to grant you a visa or not. Inaccurate information such as spelling errors, incorrect passport numbers or invalid addresses can result in your visa being refused.

Applying for the wrong visa category
This is one of the most common mistakes people make when filling out visa applications. It is important to select the right visa category and submit the appropriate documents in your application. Different visa categories have different requirements. Read and understand the scope of each visa carefully, and then fill in the visa category. Submit appropriate documents by category. (For example, when applying for a family visit visa, you want to apply for Q1 (transferable long-term residence permit), but the materials prepared are actually for Q2 application , which leads to the need to revise the submitted application materials.)

Photos do not meet specifications
Improper size, background color, texture of paper and so on will lead to substandard photos.

Application file missing
Before submitting your application, please carefully check the latest application requirements for your visa type and collect all necessary documents. If any of these files are missing, your application may be rejected.

Economic control is strained
Another reason for occasional rejections is that applicants do not meet the financial requirements for international travel, i.e. you need to have sufficient funds to cover travel expenses, living expenses and any expenses incurred by accompanying family members during your stay in China.

From volatile regions, countries
Applicants from countries with frequent wars, terrorist attacks or political instability, or countries with frequent overstays in domestic statistics, or countries with very tense relations with China may increase the chances of visa rejection.

The applicant has a criminal record
Having a criminal record doesn’t mean all applications will be rejected. But if the applicant has committed a very serious crime, the likelihood of a visa being rejected increases significantly. Misdemeanors usually don’t matter, especially if you’re just applying for a tourist visa.

Poor visa record
The applicant has overstayed his visa in China or been blacklisted in any country.

The applicant is in poor health
The applicant has some kind of infectious disease. In most cases, only a small number of short-term visa applications, such as tourist and business visas, are rejected because of their specificity. But for work or student visas, this can be a problem, although the law is not clear. (for example, with the new coronavirus)

Engage in a sensitive occupation
Applicants who work in the religious or military industries may have a higher rate of visa rejection.

In addition to the above reasons, visa applications are not successful for a variety of reasons. The most important thing is to prove that you will abide by Chinese laws and can afford to travel to China. This can be proved by the documents and information you provide and your visa is likely to be approved.

What should you do if your visa is rejected?

First of all, without undue panic, try asking the visa officer why your application has been rejected. Second, if I have learned from the visa officer that there are any missing documents in the application, please submit them as soon as possible and try to apply again. Third, if you still do not know why your application has not been approved and are considering reapplying, we recommend seeking help from the visa agency as they have professional and experienced advisers to answer any questions you may have.

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