What are the risks of foreign visa overdue?

Foreign visa overdue in China will face a series of risks, mainly including the following aspects:

1. Fines: According to the regulations of the Chinese Ministry of Public Security, foreign nationals will be fined for every day of delay, and the amount of the fine will be determined based on the length of the delay. The longer the delay, the higher the amount of the fine. The maximum fine amount may reach 5000 RMB.

2. Restrictions on entry and exit: If foreign nationals exceed a certain period of time, Chinese public security organs have the right to restrict their entry and exit. This means that foreigners may not be able to leave China until the visa issue is resolved.

3. Administrative detention: In some serious overdue situations, Chinese public security organs may impose administrative detention on foreign nationals. The duration of administrative detention can range from several days to several months, and the specific situation is determined by the relevant law enforcement department.

4. Prohibition of re-entry: If foreign nationals are administratively detained or forced to leave China during the overdue period, they may be restricted from re-entering China for the next few years. The duration of such restrictions is usually several years, depending on the degree of violation and relevant regulations.

5. Impact on credit records: In China, personal credit records are widely used in various fields, including renting, applying for loans, and employment. Therefore, foreign nationals who exceed their residency period may have a negative impact on their life and career development in China.

6. Other consequences: For foreign students, overstaying may result in inability to complete their studies, inability to obtain graduation certificates, and even the school may cancel their enrollment. For foreign nationals working in China, overstaying may result in mandatory termination of their work contracts and loss of their legal work rights.

To avoid the above risks, it is recommended that foreign nationals strictly comply with visa regulations in China, timely handle renewal procedures, and ensure that their visas are within their validity period.

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