What are the requirements for foreign nationals to invest and register companies in China?

With the continuous improvement of China’s market openness, foreign nationals are eyeing business opportunities and choosing to invest and register companies in China. They inject new vitality into the Chinese economy and create a better future together with their unique international perspective and capital strength. So what are the requirements for foreign nationals to invest and register companies in China?

1. Legal identity: Foreigners must possess valid identity documents and other relevant supporting documents, such as passports, residence permits, etc., to prove the legitimacy of their identity.

2. Investment funds: Foreign investors need to provide legal proof of investment sources, such as deposit certificates issued by banks, business licenses, etc., and must meet the minimum registered capital requirements stipulated by Chinese law. The specific registered capital requirements vary depending on the regulations of different industries and regions.

3. Business scope: Foreign funded enterprises operating in China must have a clear and legal business scope, which needs to be detailed when applying for establishment.

4. Company Name and Address: Foreigners need to choose a suitable company name when registering a company, which should comply with Chinese laws and regulations and cannot be the same or similar to an existing company name. At the same time, a suitable company address needs to be provided, which should be located in a legal commercial office area.

5. Choosing a partner: Foreign investors need to choose a Chinese enterprise or individual as their partner to jointly register a company.

6. Formulating company articles of association: Foreign funded enterprises need to formulate company articles of association, clarifying the organizational form, business scope, shareholder rights and obligations, and other contents of the enterprise.

7. Government Approval: According to the Foreign Investment Law, the establishment of foreign-funded enterprises requires government approval or filing.

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