What are the conditions for companies to recruit foreign nationals?

In China, companies recruiting foreign nationals need to meet certain specific conditions. Here are some basic conditions:

1. Basic requirements for employers: Employers should be established in accordance with the law and have no record of serious violations or dishonesty; The position of hiring foreigners should have special needs, and there is currently a shortage of suitable candidates in China, and it does not violate relevant national regulations; The salary paid to foreigners shall not be lower than the local minimum wage standard.

2. Basic requirements for applicants: Foreigners should be at least 18 years old, physically healthy, have no criminal record, have a confirmed employer, and possess the professional skills or knowledge required for work; The work carried out should meet the needs of China’s economic and social development, and provide professional personnel that are urgently needed and in short supply domestically.

3. Foreign high-end talents (Class A): Refers to scientists, technology leaders, international entrepreneurs, etc. who meet the needs of China’s economy and society, and are not limited by age, education, and work experience.

4. Foreign professional talents (Class B): Refers to talents who meet the job guidance catalog and job requirements, have a bachelor’s degree or above and 2 years or more of relevant work experience, and are not more than 60 years old; In some cases, restrictions on age, education, or work experience can be appropriately relaxed.

5. Other foreign personnel (Class C): Refers to other foreign personnel who meet the needs of the domestic labor market and comply with national policy regulations.

6. Employment permit: Employers must apply for an employment permit for foreign nationals and obtain the People’s Republic of China Foreigner Employment Permit Certificate before hiring them.

7. Visas and Residence Documents: Foreigners working in China should hold a Z-visa and obtain a Foreigner’s Employment Permit and Residence Document upon entry.

8. Special circumstances: In certain special circumstances, foreigners may be exempted from obtaining employment permits and permits, such as foreign professional and managerial personnel directly funded by the Chinese government, or personnel holding a Foreign Expert Certificate.

These conditions provide a basic framework for companies to recruit foreign nationals, ensuring that the recruitment process complies with Chinese laws and regulations.

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