Can B-class talents apply for a 3-year work permit?

Whether B-class talents can apply for a 3-year work permit depends on the specific policies and regulations of the country or region. The following is the application status for work permits for Class B talents (foreign professional talents):

License period: B-class talents (foreign professional talents) can receive a one-year extension after working in the same company for one year. In the third year, they can apply for a 2-year work permit. However, the specific approval results will be determined based on the application materials and actual situation.

Maximum permit period: The maximum work permit period for Class B talents is 2 years.
Therefore, B-class talents cannot directly apply for a 3-year work permit under normal circumstances. They will first receive a one-year work permit, and then, if they meet the conditions, they can extend it for one year and apply for a two-year work permit in the third year.

Kind reminder: These regulations may vary depending on the country or region. For specific application conditions and procedures, it is recommended to consult the immigration or labor department of the relevant country or region.

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