What materials do companies need to cancel work permits for foreigners?

Cancelling a foreigner’s work permit usually requires the following materials, and specific requirements may vary depending on the regulations of the foreigner’s work management department in different regions:

1. Application Form for Foreigner’s Work Permit Cancellation in China: It needs to be filled out and printed online, signed by the applicant, and stamped with the official seal of the employer or authorized department.

2. Proof materials related to the termination of employment relationship, contract termination, or other reasons for cancellation: If it is due to the termination or termination of the contract, both parties need to sign or stamp, and explain that there are no disputes.

3. Official letter from employer: In some cases, an official letter from the employer may be required to explain the reason and situation for cancellation.

4. Copy of applicant’s passport: A copy of the applicant’s passport information page is required.

5. Copy of Residence Permit: If the applicant holds a valid residence permit, a copy is also required.

6. Other materials that may be required: Depending on the situation, other relevant supporting materials or documents may also be required.

All non Chinese proof materials need to provide a Chinese translation and be stamped with the employer’s official seal (except for passports or international travel documents). In addition, all paper materials need to be uploaded to the processing system in the form of original color electronic documents, and all original materials need to be verified at the acceptance window for collection. If the validity period of the license expires but is not renewed, revoked, revoked or revoked in accordance with the law, the decision-making body will directly cancel it. If the applicant dies or loses the ability to act, or terminates the contract or employment relationship in advance, the employer shall apply for cancellation to the decision-making body within 10 working days from the date of the event.

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