Which foreigners are eligible to apply for Class A work visas?

We know that foreigners work in China is classified, the work permits are divided into A, B, C three categories, according to the standard classification management. But many expats still don’t know exactly what constitutes high-end talent(A).

No.1 Selected into the domestic talent introduction plan
Candidates who have passed the talent introduction plan drawn up by relevant departments

No.2 In accordance with internationally recognized standards of professional achievement
There are four main categories:

1.science and technology
International scientific award winners, researchers, etc.

2.Outstanding management
Senior executives of Fortune 500 companies in the world, heads of international research institutes, senior researchers, etc.

3.Culture and art
World famous experts or senior managers in the field of music, art, film, literature, etc.

Winners of World Cup, World Championships and other important international competitions

No.3 Foreign talents who meet the needs of market-oriented encouraged positions

1.Personnel employed by the global or regional headquarters of the world’s top 500 enterprises, high-tech enterprises, large enterprises, with senior management or technical positions

2.Personnel with senior management or technical positions employed by domestic and foreign medium-sized enterprises or chief technical experts who meet relevant conditions.

3.Senior management or technical personnel in the country’s top three general hospitals or sub-provincial municipal specialized hospitals.

4.Serve as a senior management position or associate professor, associate researcher, and vocational school senior lecturer, senior internship guidance teacher or other deputy senior professional and technical personnel in higher education institutions or research institutions.

No.4 Innovative and entrepreneurial talents

1.The founder of the company who invests in major technological inventions, patents and other independent intellectual property rights or proprietary technology, has a stable investment situation for three consecutive years, and the actual investment of the company is not less than 500,000 US dollars, and the personal shares are not less than 30%.

2.The chairman, legal representative, general manager or chief technical expert of an enterprise with independent intellectual property rights or proprietary technology such as major technical inventions and patents, and annual sales of more than 10 million yuan or annual tax payment of more than 1 million yuan for three consecutive years.

3.Personnel with senior management or technical positions employed by the units listed in the list of innovative enterprises or the list of scientific and technological innovation occupations formulated by the relevant provincial departments.

No.5 Outstanding young talents
Young talents under the age of 40 who are engaged in postdoctoral research in high-level foreign universities (subject to the list of world famous universities determined in the “Management and Service System for Foreigners’ Work in China” of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs) or universities in China.

No.6 The point score is above 85 points
Refers to scoring based on educational background, Chinese proficiency, work experience, salary, and other factors. A total score of 85 or above is sufficient to apply for category A talent.

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