How to transfer a foreigner’s visit visa to a work visa when visiting China?

Foreigners holding a family visit visa in China can directly apply for a work residence permit if employed by a company, but only for immediate family members, and proof of family relationship must be provided. If you are not a direct relative or other means of visiting a family visa, or cannot provide proof of family relationship, you cannot directly apply for a work permit. You need to first apply for a work permit notice, then apply for a Z visa within the country, then apply for a work permit, and finally apply for a residence permit.

The process of converting a foreign visitor visa to a work visa may be complex and may require certain specific conditions to be met. Here are some possible steps and conditions:

1. Proof of family relationship: If a foreigner holds a visiting visa (Q1 or Q2 visa) in China and is a direct relative, they may be able to apply for a work residence permit directly. This usually requires proof of family relationship.

2. Work permit notice: If the conditions for immediate family members are not met or proof of family relationship cannot be provided, a work permit notice may need to be processed first.

3. Domestic Z-visa conversion: After obtaining a work permit notice, foreigners need to convert to a Z-visa (work visa) within the country.

4. Applying for work permit and residence permit: After successfully converting to a Z-visa, foreigners can further apply for work permit and work type residence permit.

Attention: Different cities may have different regulations, specific policies and local policies shall prevail. In addition, policies may change, so it is recommended to obtain the latest official information in a timely manner.

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