Is it easier for foreigners with work experience to apply for a work visa?

Yes, foreigners with work experience are more likely to apply for a work visa successfully.

Foreigners who are legally employed in China should obtain a work permit and a work residence permit visa (referred to as a “work visa”) in advance in accordance with regulations. Foreigners holding work visas can travel back and forth to China multiple times during their validity period without the need for additional visas. Foreigners who apply for work and residence permits for the first time are generally valid for 12 months, and can apply for an extension upon completion.

The most basic requirement for obtaining a work permit for foreigners to come to China is to have a legally operated local company, a bachelor’s degree or above, and at least 2 years of relevant work experience in order to proceed smoothly.

Foreigners seeking employment in China need to demonstrate their outstanding abilities and rich experience. Therefore, when applying for a Chinese work visa, foreigners need to have 2 years of relevant work experience or provide other professional authoritative certificates.

10 common questions about proving 2 years of relevant work experience:

Q1:Can I have 2 years of relevant work experience from abroad or domestically?
A: Both are possible, and work experience is not limited to domestic or foreign countries

Q2: Do foreign nationals need embassy certification for proof of work experience when previously employed abroad?
A: No need.

Q3: Foreigners with less than two years of work experience can apply for a work visa?
A: You can apply, but it is highly likely to be rejected.

Q4: Do I need to translate proof of work experience abroad into Chinese?
A: All foreign language documents and materials need to be translated into Chinese before submission.

Q5: I have obtained a TEFL certificate and would like to apply for an English teaching position. Can I apply for a work visa without 2 years of work experience?
A: Can be applied for, holding a valid TEFL/TESOL or CELTA certificate, no work experience required, but the applicant must be of English native nationality

Q6: Can those who have worked and interned abroad during their school years be considered as accumulating work experience?
A: The work internship experience of fresh graduates during their school years cannot be considered as work experience.

Q7: Do outstanding fresh graduates need work experience?
A: No need.

Q8: What procedures do I need to complete after obtaining a foreign work permit?
A: You need to apply for a work residence permit from the local immigration and entry management bureau.

Q9: The requirement for a work visa is to have two years of work experience. Isn’t it okay to have relevant work experience?
A: No, it’s not possible.

Q10: Can I apply for a work visa if I have multiple work experiences that are unrelated to the job position or have different functional properties?
A: Cannot apply because work experience must be related to the industry and position of the company applying for a work permit.

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