Instructions for foreigners to apply for port visas

With the relaxation of China’s epidemic policy, the Chinese embassy and ports of entry have gradually returned to normal. Recently, GEI also met customers who asked about port visas. Today, GEI will introduce port visas to you.
01. Port visa applicable object
For foreigners who need to enter China urgently for humanitarian reasons, are invited to enter China for emergency business or rush repair of engineering projects, or have other urgent entry needs and hold the documents certificating that the competent authorities agree to apply for visas at ports, travel agencies may, in accordance with state regulations, organize entry Tours and apply for port visas with the port visa authorities entrusted by the Ministry of Public Security.

02. Ways to apply for port visa
When an individual applies for a port visa, he/she shall apply to the port visa authority upon arrival at the port. When a tourist group applies for a port visa, the travel agency invited by the organization shall apply to the port visa authority.
The inviting units (individuals) may apply to the local port visa authorities on behalf of the foreigners before their arrival at the port; If an application is submitted to a non-local port visa authority on behalf of a foreigner, the application can be handed over to the local Exit and Entry Administration authorities of public security organs at or above the prefecture level.

03. Application Documents
To apply for a port visa, you should answer relevant enquiries and provide the following materials:
A valid ordinary passport;
Fill out the Application Form for Foreigner Visa and Residence Permit, and submit a recent two-inch half-length headless photo.
Other supporting materials.

The port visa authority receives the application on behalf of the inviting entity (individual), and if it meets the requirements after examination and verification, the inviting entity (individual) will obtain the acceptance sheet for foreigner port visa issued by the port visa authority. Upon arrival at the port, the applicant will accept the application for visa by the one-way port visa authority with the foreigner port visa.
Port visa authorities, upon examination and finding that they meet the prescribed conditions, shall issue corresponding types of visas with a validity period of no more than five days for one entry and no more than 30 days for one stay to individuals; To issue group tourist visas for foreign tourist groups that are valid for entry of no more than 15 days and stay for no more than 30 days; Visas shall not be issued to foreigners who fall under the circumstances specified in Article 21 of the Exit and Entry Administration Law.

Foreigners holding port visas shall individually enter China at the ports where port visa issuing authorities are located, and tourist groups may enter China at all ports open to the outside world. Under special circumstances, foreigners shall stay in restricted areas and exit at restricted ports in accordance with the requirements of port visa authorities.

The visa authorities at the ports of Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Xiamen may issue tourist visas for special zones with a stay period of three or five days. The post-entry stay area of foreigners holding tourist visas shall not exceed the administrative area of the city where the port of entry is located.
When applying for port visas, aliens shall pay visa fees to port visa authorities according to the charging standards prescribed by the State.

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