Do I Need A Visa to Visit HK? Even Already With A Chinese Visa?

Many foreigners might ask this question, especially those who already hold a Chinese visa. The answer is NO but YES.

Hong Kong Visa
Hong Kong is now a part of China, but the region has kept their immigration control and regulations. Citizens who wish to visit mainland from Hong Kong must apply for the respective visa or entry permit and abide to the Chinese government regulations.
Also travelers are required to obtain a visa for Hong Kong and they can do so by completing an application and submitting it at their nearest Chinese consulate or embassy.
But! Never forget that there is  visa-free policy!
Visa Exemption
As long as you meet one of the two following visa-free situations, you can enter into and visit Hong Kong without a visa. 
(Ⅰ) Holding any of below documents allows you to enter Hong Kong without visa or entry permit for any purpose.
● Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card
● Hong Kong Certificate of Identity
●Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Passport
● Hong Kong Seaman’s Identity Book
● Valid Hong Kong Document of Identity for Visa Purposes within the period of validity
● British National (Overseas) Passport
● Hong Kong Re-entry permit (only for entry from mainland  or Macau)
● Travel documents with one of below endorsements:
– Holder’s eligibility for Hong Kong permanent identity card verified
– Holder of this travel document has the right to land in Hong Kong. (Section 2AAA, Immigration Ordinance, Cap. 115, Laws of Hong Kong)
(Ⅱ) Citizens of the following countries (territories) as well as Macau permanent residents may visit Hong Kong for a visa-free stay from 7 days to 180 days.
For business visits, they can undertake a limited range of business-related activities, namely “concluding contracts or submitting tenders, examining or supervising the installation/packaging of goods or equipment, participating in exhibitions or trade fairs (except selling goods or supplying services direct to the general public, or constructing exhibition booths), settling compensation or other civil proceedings, participating in product orientation, and attending short-term seminars or other business meetings”. But, they are prohibited from taking up employment or study in the territory, or from “establishing or joining in any business”.
How to apply for a Hong Kong Visa?
Not eligible for the visa exemption? Then apply for a visa!
For those don’t holding certificate or passport from170 foreign countries or territories mentioned above, a visa/entry permit is needed to travel to or transit in Hong Kong. Thus, each applicant should prepare and submit related application form, photos, visa fees and supporting documents to the Immigration Department in Hong Kong, or Chinese Embassies in foreign countries, and other authorities. 
Documents Required
1.    Copy of valid Passport (Need to scan all pages, including the first page, last page, visa page, stamp page.)
2.    White photos (size: 50*40mm)
3.    Name card (if any)
4.    National ID card
5.    Marriage certificate (If your spouse is Chinese, his/her ID CARD and copies of all pages of his/her Household Register are required.)
6.    Copy of Business licenses and stamp 
7.    Chinese bank statement original from the last 6 months and copy of relevant Bank Card, balance no less than 50,000 RMB. (If you don’t have Chinese bank card, please provide bank card in your country.)
8.    Living paper copy (Provided by foreigners in China)
9.    Work permit copy (Provided by foreigners in China)
10.   Traffic arrangement: Air ticket (if any)
11.   Complementary assets (optional offer)
-Fixed-term deposit
-Copy of house property certificate/Copy of vehicle license
-Company tax or Personal tax/Company business transaction certificate/Company business bank statement
-Chamber of commerce membership card
-Deposit certificate/Salary certificate
12.   Hong Kong Guarantor (if any)
-Company letter and license
-HK ID card
14.Collection form
*Visa processing time generally takes 1 month if all documents are prepared well.

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