Types of Certificate of Origin issued by China!

What is Certificate of Origin?

Certificate of Origin (C/O) is a document issued by a notary institution or government or exporter to prove the origin or manufacturing place of goods provided by the exporter at the request of the importer.
The C/O is a valid certificate for the trade parties to hand over the goods, settle the payment for goods, settle the claims, and for the importing country to go through the customs clearance and impose tariffs. Moreover, different C/O can enjoy different import tariff preferences and quotas.

Certificate of Origin issued by China for export goods
Ordinary Certificate of Origin
It is also known as a non-preferential certificate of origin, abbreviated as C/O or CO. This certificate is usually issued for exports to countries in the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, Central, and South America, etc.

Preferential Certificate of Origin
1. GSP Certificate of Origin (FORM A Certificate)
A Form-A is a written document or a certificate that proves the origin of goods from specific developing countries. This certificate is used for obtaining discounts or an exemption from tariff for exported goods to some developed countries.

Britain, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Ireland, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Malta, Bulgaria, Romania, Switzerland, Liechtenstein Norway, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine Kazakhstan, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Turkey, a total of 39, excluding the United States.

2.Certificate of Origin of Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement (FORM B Certificate)
FORM B refers to an official document that proves some specific products from the member countries of the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement, including China, Bangladesh, India, Laos, South Korea and Sri Lanka. Such products are eligible to enjoy reciprocal tariff reduction and exemption treatment.

3.China-ASEAN Free Trade Area Certificate of Origin (FORM E Certificate)

4.China – Pakistan Free Trade Area Certificate of Origin (FORM P Certificate)

5.China-Chile Free Trade Area Certificate of Origin (FORM F Certificate)

6.China-New Zealand Free Trade Area Certificate of Origin (FORM N Certificate)

7.China-Singapore Free Trade Area Preferential Certificate of Origin (FORM X Certificate)

8.China-Switzerland Free Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin (FORM S Certificate)

9.China-Korea FTA Certificate of Origin (FORM K Certificate)

10.China-Australia Free Trade Area Certificate of Origin

03.Special Certificate of Origin
A Special Certificate of Origin is a certificate of origin specifically for special products of some special industries, such as agricultural products, wine, tobacco, cheese products, rough diamonds, etc. which are generated according to the special needs of import and export supervision.
In China, the agencies that can issue certificates of origin are Customs and CCPIT; other agencies are not authorized to issue them. Customs can issue all kinds of certificates of origin – mainly all kinds of preferential certificates of origin; CCPIT mainly issues non-preferential general certificates of origin.

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