Several ways to apply for work visa and education certification in China

Before 2017, foreign nationals working in China did not need to have their education verified. With the continuous development of China’s Comprehensive National Power and more foreigners coming to work in China, the country has further developed unified standards for foreigners working in China.
Since 2017, the work permit system for foreigners to come to China has been launched, and the policy for applying for work permits for foreigners to come to China has become stable. Education has become one of the proof of the quality and ability of foreigners.

There is a clear provision in the application regulations for foreigners to work in China, which states that those who hold a bachelor’s degree or above and have two years of work experience can apply for a foreigner’s work permit in China. The premise is still that the authenticity of the educational background needs to be verified and recognized by the approval authority.

Highest degree (degree certificate) obtained in foreign countries, shall be authenticated by Chinese embassies, consulates in the country it was issued, or get authenticated by the embassy/consulates of the country where it was issued in China,or get verified by education certification organization in China.
Highest degree (degree certificate) obtained in Hong Kong and Macao special administrative region and Taiwan region, should be verified by education certification organization in China or by local notary organizations in the region where it was issued.
Highest degree (degree certificates) obtained in China, should be authenticated on the website of CHSI.
*In accordance with China’s laws and regulations, if the competent authorities of the industry are required to pre-examine and approve or have the professional qualification of corresponding admittance category in China, the competent authorities of the industry shall provide the approval documents or professional qualification certificates.

02.Verification methods
Handling abroad: authenticated by Chinese embassy or consulate in the issuing country. (Procedures, materials, costs and time are different in each country. It is recommended to confirm with the local embassy.)
Authentication stamp of Chinese embassies abroad

Handling in China: for foreigners in China, they can directly go to the embassy or consulate of the country where the degree was issued in China to obtain the degree authentication(note: not all countries’ embassies/consulates have verification service, please confirm with the embassy or consulate of the country in China in advance).
Certification template of French Embassy in China

Verified by China’s educational qualification certification organization: If the foreigner is in a third country (that is, not in the country where the degree is obtained, and not in China), he/she may be directly considered for certification by the Service center for Study abroad of the Ministry of Education of China. (Note: Not all overseas schools can apply for this certification, please refer to the actual certification)

Degree certificate obtained in China: If the foreigner is studying in China and has obtained the degree certificate, he/she shall get degree authenticated by China Credentials Verification(CHSI), or be notarized by a domestic notary office.

Foreign high-end talents ((Class A) except those apply via scores)can use commitment letter instead.
All non Chinese documents must be translated into Chinese before the application.

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