Latest Green Card Policy for 10 Types of Foreigners!

Latest Green Card Policy for 10 Types of Foreigners!

There used to be a joke on the Internet that even Bill Gates could not get a Chinese green card because he lacked investment experience in China; Even Zuckerberg can not get a Chinese green card, because he does not have a deputy factory director, associate professor and other titles.

How difficult it is to get a Chinese green card, only people who have applied for it card will understand.
But last month, a Chinese-Canadian shared on social media that it only took ten months from applying to getting a Chinese green card, inspiring countless foreign friends to join China.
To welcome more excellent overseas friends to join the Chinese family, Guangzhou recently launched its latest “Talent Green Card” policy, introducing eligibility criteria for 10 types of Chinese and foreign talent to apply for the card, which is divided into two categories: A card and B card. Let’s see which type you fit into.

The Requirements to Apply for an A Card
1.High-skilled personnel recognized or reviewed by Guangzhou City.
2.Overseas talents with overseas work, study, or entrepreneurial experience.
3.Overseas talents whose educational level meets the requirements of Guangzhou City.
4.Mid-to-senior level management personnel or technical experts in key projects of annual key projects in Guangzhou.
5.Foreign (Overseas) talents with an annual salary not less than six times the average social wage in Guangzhou in the previous year and who pay personal income tax of over RMB 120,000 after annual settlement.
6.Talents with professional skills recognized by relevant departments and suitable for the economic and social development needs of Guangzhou.
A cardholders can enjoy 15 benefits, including the following six situations

The Requirements to Apply for a B Card
1.Talents who work in Guangzhou for no more than six months per year or have cooperation with departments related to Guangzhou.
2.Talents who work in government departments and public institutions in Guangzhou for no more than six months.
3.Talents who start a business or work for six months in areas such as Guangfo High-quality Development Integration Pilot Zone and Guangqing Economic Special Zone each year. In this case, the specific number of eligible applicants and personnel list for talent green cards will be determined by the city’s talent affairs department.
4.Talents who meet the application conditions for talents in various districts of Guangzhou.
B Card holders can enjoy three benefits
Deposit and withdraw housing provident funds.
Apply for a motor vehicle driving license and Guangzhou’s midi and mini coaches increment index.
Purchase houses.
With a Chinese green card, it is equivalent to the identity card of Chinese citizens. If you are eligible, welcome to join the China family!

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