Conditions for other types of visas for foreigners coming to China to transfer to foreign work visas within China

Student visa to foreigner work visa

According to the requirements, foreigners who come to work in China must apply for a work visa in China. The most basic requirements are a bachelor’s degree or above and 2 years or more of relevant work experience. So, how can I apply for a foreign work visa if a newly graduated student studying abroad does not have 2 years of relevant work experience?

According to the classification criteria for foreigners working in China, foreign fresh graduates who do not have 2 years of relevant work experience can also apply for a work visa in China

Taking Shanghai as an example, if you graduated from a university within Shanghai and your company is located in the Shuangzi/Shuangchuang region/five new urban areas/your company is listed as a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, you can apply for a C-class work permit or a B-class 60 point salary application

Business visa to foreigner work visa

There are also different regulations in different cities for the application of a business visa to a foreign work visa. Whether a foreigner can directly apply for a work visa in China with a business visa depends on two factors:

(1) Applicant’s nationality:

Some cities require sensitive nationality applicants to hold a Z visa for entry, otherwise they cannot directly transfer to a work residence permit. Non sensitive nationality applicants can directly apply for a work permit and a work residence permit in some cities.

(2) City where the employer is located:

Some cities require applicants to enter with a Z visa, regardless of the applicant’s nationality

Family visa to foreigner work visa

Foreigners holding a family visit visa in China can directly apply for a work related residence permit if employed by a company, but only for immediate family members. If they are not immediate family members or other forms of family visit visa or cannot provide proof of family relationship, they cannot directly apply for a work permit in China. You need to first apply for a work permit notice, then apply for a Z visa within the country, then apply for a work permit, and finally apply for a residence permit. The types of visa transfer mentioned above vary in different regions, and it is recommended to consult the local foreign trade bureau of the work company for specific policy standards.

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