Hengqin expands financial services for Macao residents

Since the establishment of Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Zone in Hengqin in September 2021, the financial sector of the zone has been flourishing. By the end of this June, the Cooperation Zone owned 78 licensed financial institutions, 43 local financial organizations, 542 private fund managers and 1,877 private fund products, covering various financial enterprises such as banking, securities, insurance, asset management and financial leasing.
Focusing on people’s livelihood, the financial sector of the Cooperation Zone has provided a series of financial services for Macao residents, in the field of living consumption, wealth management, work and property purchase.
Macao residents living in Hengqin can obtain cross-border credit certification within five minutes, buy houses in Hengqin with low mortgage rate and purchase cross-border medical insurance…All of these are new cross-border financial services they can enjoy in the Cooperation Zone.
In the future, the zone will continue to introduce various financial services to facilitate Macao residents to live and work in Hengqin, so that they can live a more convenient life in this region.

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