Under what circumstances does the residence permit need to be changed?

Foreigners who stay in China for a long time, like Chinese citizens, often experience changes in their work, study, and living conditions. For foreigners living in China with a residence permit, the registration items included in the permit can easily change accordingly. What should I do when the information on a foreigner’s residence permit changes? This article aims to provide a brief analysis of this issue by GEI.

According to Article 33 of the Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China, the registration items of a foreigner’s residence certificate include: the holder’s name, gender, date of birth, reason for residence, duration of residence, date and location of issuance, passport or other international travel document number, etc. When the above registration items change, foreigners need to complete the residence permit change procedures in advance.

What specific situations need to be changed?

If the residence permit holder’s reason for residence, passport number, etc. changes, they shall apply for a new residence permit to the residence permit issuing authority within 10 days.

If there is a change in the address, institution of study, employment or employment unit of the residence permit holder, they shall apply for the change to the residence permit issuing authority within 10 days.

For those who move from one city to another, they can apply for a change to the entry and exit management agency of the public security organ in the place of departure or immigration.

Now we all know that changing a residence permit is very important, but many people may still be confused about how to apply for a change in residence permit. Below, Xiaonuo will introduce what application materials need to be prepared for a change in residence permit:

Submit the original valid passport and residence permit for verification (if a new passport has been applied for, the original old passport must also be submitted);

Submit a fully filled out “Foreigner Visa Application Form” and submit one recent 2-inch half length full face bareheaded photo;

Submit relevant proof materials for changing residence registration items:

If changing the residential address, the temporary accommodation registration form for overseas personnel must be updated first;

For changes in passport information such as name and passport number, the temporary accommodation registration form for overseas personnel should be updated first, and the original and photocopy of the change certificate issued by the passport issuing authority should be submitted;

For those who change their work unit (school of study), they must also submit relevant proof that their original work (study) residence permit has been terminated.

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